Facebook Deletes iPhone 5 Fan Pages Ahead of October 4th Announcement

facebook deletes iphone 5 fan pagesFacebook’s move to delete several top iPhone 5-related fan pages points to a big Facebook-related iPhone announcement at the media event on October 4th, and the possibility that the next iPhone may indeed be called “iPhone 5.”

On Monday of this week, the iPhone 5 News Blog‘s Facebook page, “iPhone 5 News,” was abruptly deleted by Facebook, with no explanation from Facebook why. The “iPhone 5 News” Facebook page was the first of its kind, started about 14 months ago, boasted almost 5,500 “likes,” and was a major channel for disseminating iPhone 5-related news onto Facebook.

In addition, other top iPhone 5-related fan pages were also deleted on Facebook this week, such as “iPhone 5 Rumours,” which was also one of the oldest Facebook fan pages for the iPhone 5, with well over 1,000 “likes.” Other lesser-followed iPhone 5 news fan pages still remain on Facebook, in addition to several iPhone 5-related apps, but it appears that all of the most followed pages have been removed.

To this point, Facebook has declined comment on why the fan pages were removed.

This move by Facebook came just one day before Apple officially announced an October 4th media event that will herald the next iPhone. A credible rumor reported on by the tech media suggests that Facebook will launching a groundbreaking new iPad app at the event, as well as a revamped iPhone app that will offer greater functionality on iOS 5, bringing Apple and Facebook closer together in partnership. Mashable reports that “We’ve also heard rumors that Facebook was supposed to be integrated into iOS. This was meant to happen years ago, but disagreements on both sides eventually led to Apple integrating Twitter into iOS 5 . . . At this event, our sources also expect Facebook to unveil a new version of Facebook for the iPhone, with design and speed improvements that mimic the iPad app.”

How Facebook’s new app for the iPhone and iPad, as well as their role in the October 4th media event for the next iPhone, still remains to be seen. However, Facebook’s move to delete well-traveled iPhone 5 fan pages indicates that the social networking company will be looking to garner the attention of the iPhone 5 in the weeks to come. It may also very well indicate that the next iPhone will indeed be called “iPhone 5.”





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