Did Vodafone Spill The Beans On Coming iPhone 5 Data Capacities? – No 64 GB Model

On its 3G WiFi Sure Signal booster product page, the UK’s Vodafone carrier apparently let the cat out of the bag regarding iPhone 5 data capacity configurations when the fifth-generation Apple handset becomes available within a few weeks.

In the Apple section its listing of various products that its Sure Signal booster supports, Vodafone included four different iPhone 5 models with 16 or 32 GB of storage capacity in black or white.

The iPhone 5 references have subsequently been pulled, and the Apple Products Supported list now reads:
Apple: iPhone 4 16GB White, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 16GB Black, iPhone 3GS 8GB, iPhone 4 32GB White, iPhone 3GS 16GB White, iPhone 3GS 32GB Black, iPhone 4 32GB Black, iPhone 3GS 32GB White, iPhone 3GS 16GB Black.

So it looks like hopes for a 64 GB capacity iPhone 5 may go unrequited.

Sure Signal Boosts 3G WiFi Range

If you’re a U.K. iPhone user, Vodafone’s Sure Signal for 3G devices helps give you a great mobile signal in every corner of your home or office, and even works in basement flats or buildings with thick walls.

Just connect Sure Signal to a fixed-line home or office broadband with a minimum speed of 1MB. You can register up to 32 numbers – from 3G phones to mobile internet dongles.

After you’ve installed Sure Signal, up to four people can use it at once. So one of you might be checking out your favourite sites while others are updating Facebook or sharing videos on YouTube.

To enjoy the Sure Signal’s 3G reception advantages, you’ll need:
• Fixed-line broadband with a speed of at least 1MB
• At least one Vodafone 3G mobile phone (with 3G activated) or a Vodafone internet dongle
• A Sure Signal box

For more information, visit:


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