Counterfeited iphone 5 available in China

Millions of Apple fans are waiting eagerly for the iphone 5 to get launched and a large number of them are considering to purchase the iphone 5 as soon as it hit the store shelves.

iPhone 5 is expected to release in September as stated in my previous posts unless you are in China where the counterfeiters have already made the i-device available.  iphone5 thumb Counterfeited iphone 5 available in China

Few months before the official release of the iphone 5, Chinese counterfeiters had started manufacturing their own iphone 5. The designs are mainly based on the rumored and leaked images that have been circulating on the web. The Chinese  iPhone 5 was “designed by Apolle in California” and “assembled in U.S.A”, as labeled at the back of the iPhone. It features a black colored plastic body with two LED Flash cameras of which quality is not sure and a label 64 GB that suggests that it can hold data up to 64 GB which is again doubtful. The Chinese iPhone 5 features MP3 and MP4 playback, Wi-Fi and runs on Java-based operating system. This Chinese iphone 5 clocks in at only $ 108.

Compared to the recently leaked designs for iphone 5, the Chinese iphone doesn’t have the button on the opposite side nor does it have a redesigned Home button. However the edges are somehow curved but not to the same extent.

Despite of the dissimilarities, the Chinese manufacturers have done quite well. But this isn’t the first time, the counterfeiters are making Apple-like devices. Even last year, the counterfeiters started shipping the iphone 4 fakes before its official release.


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