Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases Go Live

This is a big story to hit the iPhone 5 rumor mill. A major iPhone case company has gone live with new iPhone 5 cases. Case-Matehas posted a series of new cases that purport to fit the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 5. The case descriptions, which use the term “iPhone 5″ liberally. However, the original URLs for the product pages (which were changed or scuttled by the Case-Mate Webmaster) utilized both “iPhone 5″ and “iPhone 4s,” indicating that even Case-Mate is unsure of the next iPhone’s official moniker.

Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases

Case-Mate leaks iPhone 5 cases ahead of the official announcement.


Here are a series of screen shots that iPhone 5 News Blog veteran commenter Core2 snapped as all of the product pages were being shut down by Case-Mate’s Webmaster:Screen Shot of Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases 1

Screen Shot of Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases 2




Screen Shot of Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases 3



Many thanks to Erik (Core2) for grabbing these photos, as well as anyone else who nabbed these links early on! This is a great find, and it tells us that now major, top-tier iPhone case manufacturers are now 100% confident in the next iPhone’s design and have designs in place — if not already in production. Now, a great deal of speculation will surround these case designs, comparing and contrasting with the el cheap-o iPhone 5 case photos that have persisted throughout the Summer.

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