AT&T Computer System Screen Shot Features iPhone 4s Menu Option

iphone 4s screen shotRumors of the iPhone 4s have refused to die. Does this new screen shot from AT&T’s back-end reveal that the next iPhone won’t be called “iPhone 5?”

After a summer of grainy, blurry photos and Photoshopped screen shots, the iPhone 5 rumor mill may have finally grown a thick enough skin to ignore the parade of visual imagery that may (or may not) prove (or disprove) the [INSERT RUMOR HERE]. Yesterday, Engadget released a photo of a screen shot from AT&T’s computer system that shows the iPhone 4s has been added to their inventory. The clear screen shot lists a white iPhone 4 with no memory stipulations on a drop down menu that also includes the various iPhone 4 models and an “iPhone 3G” model as well.

The photo actually fits into a very odd rumor that appeared in the news last week that suggested Sprint alone would get the iPhone 5, and all of the other carriers would only get the iPhone 4s. It was such a strange, nonsensical rumor that the iPhone 5 News Blog passed on it. This photo, however, could support that notion, seeing as only the “iPhone 4s” appears in the screen shot — no iPhone 5.

Whereas most avid iPhone 5′ers would consider the appearance of the “iPhone 4s” name to be the most significant development from the release of this photo, Engadget seems more enamored with the fact that it is white: “Could it be? Is Cupertino actually planning on bringing a white version of its next iPhone out at launch?”

Apple Insider, however, manages to ask all of the more pertinent questions in their piece on the matter, by bearing out some of the inconsistencies in the screen shot: “The listing appears to be incomplete, however, as it does not list storage capacity. Also worth noting is the fact that the ‘s’ is left uncapitalized, unlike the “G” in the ‘iPhone 3G 8GB Black listing.’”


Apple Insider is on the right track by asking these questions, however, I don’t think that making an issue of the lower-case “s” is really the most fishy aspect of the screen shot. In fact, I have always referred to it as “iPhone 4s” as opposed to “iPhone 4S,” following the capitalization rules laid out by the “iPhone 3Gs.” But the lack of storage space for the white iPhone 4s is indeed strange: AT&T — as well as the other carriers — all know by this point what they’re getting in the next iPhone, including its storage capacities. It would make little sense for their IT department to add on the iPhone 4s without including its storage capacity — or otherwise just wait to include it into the computer system once the device is officially launched.


I also find it strange that the “iPhone 3G” is listed at the top of this drop down menu, and not the 3Gs. It appears that there is a previous page of menu options that we are not seeing, but it would stand to reason that the oldest legacy iPhone models would appear at the front of the list, and that the 3Gs should appear above the iPhone 4 model listings. Why are we not seeing the iPhone 3Gs on this menu? (Maybe the guy who Photoshopped it is an Android user?)

Speaking of which, how do we know that this is AT&T’s back end system? And how do we know that it is their sales system? Is there anything that corroborates the image? Just as the iPhone 5 News Blog exposed the bogus fraudulent document that BGR posted of the Best Buy manager’s document, we now ask Engadget the same thing: show us the additional evidence that proves this is really from AT&T.


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