Apple Inc. saves TSMC from meltdown by placing huge orders for iphone 5 and iPad 3 IC chips

iPhone5ICchip thumb Apple Inc. saves TSMC from meltdown by placing huge orders for iphone 5 and iPad 3 IC chipsA recent report from Taiwan claims that the Apple inc. has finalized the technical aspects for the next generation iphone 5 & iPad 3 and the certification process for various chipsets is also complete for their use in the upcoming i-devices – ipad 3, iphone 5 and Macbook Air during the September launch this year. According to some relevant source, Apple inc. has placed a huge order with its chipset providers to manufacture Integrated circuit chipsets for its next gen iphone 5 by the late August. 

The growth of Taiwan semiconductor industry is reportedly slowing down, but the manufacturers still see a ray of light as the Apple inc. will purchase huge amount of IC chipsets for its next generation devices, starting at the end of August, which will surely help the industry to increase its profit in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Reports claim that Qualcomm which is a major wireless chipsets supplier and manufacturer for the Apple iphone, will be placing new orders with its manufacturing partners Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company and the Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group for the chip production, testing and packaging for the iphone 5 in August before its launch. TSMC known as the world’s largest semiconductor company is also expected to  manufacture Apple’s next generation A6 chip.

Apple’s chip manufacturing partners are also gearing up for the assembly in the next gen-tab iPad 3. Japanese firm, Renesas Electronics, manufacturer of LCD driver for the Apple iPad, has reportedly placed orders with the Taiwan based Chipbond Technology for assembling the chip package for the Apple’s next-gen tab iPad 3. Also the Texas Instruments which is known for building the iPad’s power management chipset, made a deal with Ardentek Corp to embed its chipset in the Apple upcoming i-device.


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