Apple Acquiring Flash Memory Company For iPhone 5, iPad 3

New rumors suggest that Apple is investing in Flash memory technology for the 2012 iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

As we continue to follow the trajectory of a possible iPhone 5 release, we are always keeping an eye on what’s happening with respect to the hardware design and production. Most of the chatter lately about the production of iPhone 5 components have had to do with processors. But today, we’re getting word of Apple possible buying into a flash memory provider.

According to InRumor, Apple is looking to purchase Israel-based Anobit, “a company focused on flash memory and digital signal processing technologies, may become Apple’s research and development center in Israel,” for $ 400 to $ 500 million. While analysts believe that Apple is already using Anobit technologies in their products, this rumored purchase of the company comes because “Anobit’s MSP-powered MSP20xx (which stands for ‘Memory Signal Processing’) embedded flash controllers for smartphones and tablets has caught Apple’s attention, as they can improve memory and speed performances.”

IBTimes points out that this acquisition would be “the first purchase with Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO” and that  ”the purchase is noteworthy because Apple seldom buys hardware companies.”

Adobe Flash: The Other Kind of Flash for the iPhone 5

For as much as the iPhone and iPad lead the mobile market in many ways, the lack of Flash capabilities on Apple’s devices has been a long-running sore sport for users. Given how many web products utilize Flash to enhance the user experience, the lack of Flash capabilities has created a gaping hole in the overall user experience on the iPhone and iPad, with many websites failing to work in their full capacity, as well as a host of other functions that rely on Flash.

There is no doubt that iPhone and iPad users will be thrilled to see the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 include Flash, should this rumor come to fruition. However, there is one consideration to the development of Flash on the new iPhone and iPad: it plays into the underlying fear that, without Steve Jobs at the R&D helm of Apple, the iPhone might move closer and closer to looking and performing more like an Android smartphone. Other rumors, such as a larger screen and new form factor also play into this lingering question.

It will be interesting to see if Apple can manage to adopt features and functions already found on the Android smartphones for the iPhone 5, while still retaining its unique, iconic identity.


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