Apple’s $100 Back to School Promo Deadline In Time For iPhone 5

Apple Back to School Mac Promo Could hint at iPhone 5

Apple is running a great Back To School promotion right now that is set to end  might coincide with a late-September iPhone 5 announcement.

A near month-long Apple promotion may offer a clue to when we might hear about an iPhone 5 announcement. I’m sure that many of you received an e-mail today from Apple with the subject line, “Sept. 20 is your last chance to get a $ 100 Back to School Card.” The current “Back to School” promotion awards customers buying a new Mac from school with a $ 100 “Back To School Card,” which can be used to buy apps, music, and games. Considering that the average Mac customer plunks down an average of $ 2,000 for a new Mac, the $ 100 gift card is a nice touch.

And both the date and gift card might give us some clues as to what Apple is thinking from a marketing perspective when it comes to announcing the iPhone 5. It is not typical for companies to overlap promotions with new product launches, since there is always a risk that one could drown out the other. In the case of the iPhone 5 announcement, it could very well kill the Mac promotion going on, as would-be Mac customers may hold off to snatch up a new iPhone. In a bad economy, fewer Americans are going to shell out money for a Mac and an iPhone 5 in one month if they cannot get it at a subsidized price.

September 20th is a Tuesday, which would be a perfect day to have a media event for the iPhone — and it wouldn’t get in the way of the Mac promotion. It would also allow Apple to send out press invites the week before and give the press poll plenty of time to get into town for the announcement.

Best of all, a two-week buffer would put the iPhone 5 launch squarely in the first week of October, which would fit nicely into the prevailing sense that early October is now the release date.

By Michael Nace


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