Al Gore Spills Beans On iPhone 5 In October

Al Gore Announcing the iPhone 5

One of Apple’s Board of Directors may have just spilled the beans on the iPhone 5′s release in October — and that Board is none other than Al Gore. Move over climate change, Big Al is now the new iPhone rumor monger.

Former Vice President, inventor of the “Internet” (not truly true), eco-warrior, and Apple board member Al Gore apparently spotted the beans on an October release, coming just on the heels of a report today that Apple has slated a media event for October 4th. His offhand comments came at this years’ Discovery Invest Leadership Conference wherein he commented to Stuff Magazine “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug.”

Much has been made of Gore’s remark, not only because it corroborates the prevailing rumors of an October announcement and release of the iPhone 5, but also the ever growing sense that Apple might co-release two new iPhone models, a theory once thought to be implausible. As a member of Apple’s board, Mr. Gore would indeed have access to sensitive information such as the nature of the next iPhone’s release. It remains to be seen if Gore’s comment was a gaffe or part of Apple’s often cryptic pre-marketing efforts.


I’m just relieved Gore wasn’t this reckless with national policy secrets when he was Vice President.

Should this comment price to be true, it remains to be seen how Gore’s slip up could affect his role on Apple’s board.


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