A New List of iPhone 5 Features

Thanks to the iPhone 5′s burgeoning rumor mill, there is an ever-changing list of rumored iPhone 5 features to contemplate. We’ve compiled a new list of the of the most popular rumored features making their way throughout the rumor mill.

It’s only early February, and we have already seen many of the rumored iPhone 5 features make their way back onto the most widely read tech blogs and websites. Fueled by analyst predictions, tips from Asia, and completely unfounded speculation, we’re now processing rumored iPhone 5 features that span the entire spectrum of plausibility: from the A6 processor and iOS 6 to waterproofing and airbags. With such a wide range of possible features, it’s difficult to even sketch out what the iPhone 5 will turn out to be in the end.

That’s why we’ve brought back the once-popular iPhone 5 Features page.

Here, we’ll try to keep track of all of the rumored features for the iPhone 5, and adjust their descriptions accordingly. Next to each description, we’ve also assessed the “probability” and “coolness” factors for each particular feature. There’s no science to this, of course: just a gut, personal feeling on my part that is completely open to debate and consternation.

This also is not a complete iPhone 5 features list. How could it be? There are, after all, a seemingly limitless number of possibilities for the iPhone 5 at this point — we’ve rumor-mongered for way too long. I have tried to synthesize the most reasonable and the most unreasonable rumored features, leaving out anything too boring, predictable, or prosaic (like Thunderbolt technology, for example). But if I have missed anything, I hope that you will tip me off to it. It will be a growing and evolving list over the next few months, as we approach the first possible date range for the iPhone 5 release — June’s WWDC.

Be sure to swing by the iPhone 5 Features page and let us know what you think!

By Michael Nace



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