A New iPad 3 Release Date Floated: March 7th

The tech media appears to be using a dart board to take a guess at an iPad 3 release date. With 31 days in March, many figure they have a 1-in-31 chance to get it right.

We’ve been trying to keep you, fellow readers, informed of all of the iPad 3 release date rumors as they come up, since it would appear that we have reached critical mass in terms of the iPad 3′s arrival. It’s coming. It will be here soon. We know that.

You’ll recall that, aside from the extremely unlikely rumors that a new iPad was going to be co-release along with the iPhone 5 at the end of the 2011 Summer (every facet of that rumor was false, of course), the first iPad 3 release date rumor was for this year’s CES event. Next up was a rumor that Apple would choose the February 29th leap day as its announcement date. After that, major news sources ran with a story that the date would be not February 29th, but March 29th.

Now, it appears there is a new iPad 3 release date being bandied about: March 7th. So says iMore: “According to sources who have been reliable in the past, Apple currently plans to hold their iPad 3 announcement on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 . . .The March 7 date fits with what AllThingsD reported last week, about the next iPad event being scheduled for the first week of March, and Wednesday is a traditional day for Apple to hold these types of events.”

It is worth noting that this new rumored release date has no more credence attached to it than the previous two rumors. It is just one more date plucked out of a hat, or chosen by throwing a dart at a dart board. Because the month of March is such a good guess for the iPad 3′s release (it would be hard to imagine Apple pushing it to April at this point, particularly if they are planning a June iPhone 5 announcement), the new approach appears to be choosing a date in March and rolling with it as being “the date.”

Kind of like bingo. Or a football pool that you buy into at work.

For the fun of it, in the comments below, let’s all choose a day in March that we proclaim to be the iPad 3 release/announcement date. The winner will be officially crowned the iPad 3 Guru of the iPhone 5 News Blog, as title that, admittedly, has very little merit.

(But at least our guru will have guessed the iPad 3′s release date correctly.)



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