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A search for Protoculture energy cells takes the freedom fighters on a dangerous journey into a large urban complex controlled by the Invid.


47 Responses to xRSMx APPLE STORE!!

  1. iTrollhard31 says:

    How do you have so many subs and so little views

  2. LightBearerJoe says:

    I like dfizzy. :p

  3. JPProducing says:

    I saw a little too much of DeeFizzy at the end there ;p

  4. holcombalex says:

    wow really!? “my herps derps”, LOL!!!  The kid and that saying should become viral. Epic.

  5. MaryAnnSweetAngel says:

    lol @deefizzy  at the end

  6. AgentJohn1 says:

    HAHA its lance!!!

  7. commodore256 says:

    Apple doesn’t care abut filmmakers anymore, I bet they’re gonna discontinue the Mac Pro by 2020 (Maybe 2015)

    The best way to edit 4k video (basically four 1080p videos in a square) is to have a shit load of SSDs in RAID 5 and as much video cards as you can get because the video card does all the work.

  8. KiddsockTV says:

    Wohoo! Next Time have to do a Dance! LOL

  9. HeyItsCaoili says:

    Hey lance and Eugene :P

  10. Alvinwhatup2 says:

    lol, Damon at the end. xD

  11. TheLameTechGuy says:

    Sorry, damn iPod was saying no comments

  12. TheLameTechGuy says:


  13. misstaramcmahon says:

    lol at Eugene!! xD

  14. xRandomShadowManx says:

    Pretty good video quality for a direct upload from youtube’s quick capture. #LOL

  15. AIDSCrocodile says:

    Oh cool, Lance and deefizzy

  16. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    OH man Eugene!!!

  17. JARRETTHOLT2 says:

    omfg its lance!!!!!!!!! 

  18. ChickenDoodleSauce says:

    lol who the fuck are the other 2 weirdos?? lmao!

  19. bmsaltao says:

    Big family! I wanna be there! xD

  20. 87654321j says:

    OMG DFizzy thats so awsome

  21. alchlohol says:


  22. edwinsgeneration says:


  23. whiskystefan1978 says:

    this series is totally insane, like the eighties in general…

  24. lildevil017m says:

    11:55 Awesome burger catching action by Rand!

  25. remytron83 says:

    The invid suit at 5:26 is the best design they have.

  26. MideasternVoice says:

    If I were Superman I would sue the producers of this anime for the opening score lol

  27. Jacarter99 says:

    Lancer is such a fruit

  28. patroller24 says:

    @Ralroost — so true about annie. how many times does she help the cause as apposed to risking it by being sloppy? maybe 1 to 7.

  29. sleepyhollow783 says:

    I’m surprised Annie didn’t jump on the black kid. Maybe she’s racist? Maybe she’s not his “type”? ;-)

  30. thndrct218 says:

    If that was the real life New York, we would of been ruder than ever towards the Invid, throwing garbage at them, giving them the finger and telling them to stick their protoculture where the sun dont shine

  31. Ralroost says:

    Wow annie almost has them killed again

  32. F4LL3NS4V10R says:

    I actually like the song that Lance sings. It’s pretty catchy. “Look up. Look up. The sky can fall on youuuuu!!!”

  33. bacardipr05 says:

    lets riverdance in the middle of been attacked…brilliant…

  34. bacardipr05 says:

    i like how the burger fell back in his mouth…lol

  35. veritech102 says:

    Free advertisement skip.

  36. PoweredButchZ says:

    The Robotech Remastered reverb effect makes the drums in Look Up sound like shit.

  37. DaNoid1 says:


    IT’S A TRAP!!!

  38. MrFireplace79 says:

    @soonernut best answer ever !!!

  39. kurlobe says:

    nyc is as hardy as its roaches aand rats. alien bombardment holocaust is nothing to new york. homeless people from jersey are more trouble.

  40. sango213 says:

    11:56 , lol Rand, nice catch

  41. TRUEBLUE2053 says:


  42. EternalWingsOfGod says:

    Good job New York you survived the bombardment of the planet ^^ lol

  43. mreeping says:

    Simons a complete idiot. “put on a show” REALLY?!?

  44. ooDriveoo says:

    @stinkymouser hahahahaha

  45. ooDriveoo says:

    @CanadianOilBaron lol

  46. totallythepope says:

    Oh Scott, just say it: DAMN YOU ALL TO HELLLLLLLLLLL!

  47. CanadianOilBaron says:

    Why not dream about performing as a man you sicko

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