Will It Blend? – iPhone 4



New iPhone 4S in Keynote of 2011. Dual Core A5 Chip Camera 8MPX iCloud Siri Video powered by Apple.com
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50 Responses to Will It Blend? – iPhone 4

  1. MrHonwe says:

    @beckwithpj But the beginning is an awesome introduction..

  2. airsoftdeltaforce101 says:

    RIP steve! ; (

  3. chafrador says:


  4. c4life2828 says:

    I know of a company that is giving away the iPhone 4s! Text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) to get it.

  5. Paraclete333 says:



  6. Tugushizura says:


  7. branj18 says:

    i could cry! this is sad but funny

  8. gerryakbar says:

    will you blend the steve’s car?

  9. ShuffleBotIsTheBoss says:

    and people wonder why we are in debt.

  10. TheBubbleDance says:

    r.i.p Steve Jobs!

  11. sadretupolas says:

    Be fast: goo.gl8ONjl and win new iPad 2 now.

  12. yasirjahangir1 says:

    @DarkSideHackerz yes!!!!

  13. deeboy987 says:

    He didn’t mean to be rude.this shit is funny as fuck. Can you blend the Htc thunderbolt or what Eva its called

  14. CrankyStorming says:

    @funmiade For me, it just plays automatically.

  15. Kingpin745 says:

    this shit makes me so angry

  16. jsmitch270 says:

    You are a Dick, son.

  17. averirodriguez says:

    I think my heart dropped to my butt.. -_- ugh.. That hurt.

  18. cristiegdoe5 says:

    At first I thought it was indestructible! I just wouldn’t blend XD

  19. jaimy39 says:

    R.I.P steve :,)

  20. TheColten1234 says:

    u r a f ing idiot why the h**l would you blend a d**n iPhone 4 your a dumba*s go die in a hole your racist to Steve Jobs f u

  21. funmiade says:

    I haven’t even pressed Play yet, and I’m in tears

  22. c4life2828 says:

    I know of a company that is giving away the iPhone 4s! Text (txtme iPhone) To (368638) to get it.

  23. bryanbjt says:

    why why would you blend it why

  24. 0485BOY says:

    Will it blend Iphone 4S

  25. hpcaperocks says:

    He gavez him a blender :D

  26. Jayboy0990 says:

    Waiting for mine from soft bank on feb 22 maybe

  27. HDskinny says:

    480p HD!

  28. muplasderek says:

    Check this out: goo.glk55ge have fun and win iPhone 5.

  29. meatyp09 says:

    @Gyoku26 i didnt think it was out yet

  30. Gyoku26 says:

    @meatyp09 dont forget the galaxy nexus^^

  31. DarkRaichu09 says:

    Holy shit

  32. tommmpoes says:

    Iphone 4 S(teve Jobs)


    think a world without apple
    hard isn`t it

  33. meatyp09 says:

    top three phones on the market galaxy s2, evo 3d, iphone 4s in that order

  34. meatyp09 says:

    @thewebmogul not a apple fanboy at all i thought you were talking about th flash for the camera im with sprint and i have an samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g and you dont have to tell me how much it sold cause i know its the best phone on the market right now apple should really take notes from android and htc because thier constantly evolving while apple is staying the same

  35. menkarnerk says:

    Don`t have money for iPhone 5? Chceck out this site: goo.glGAFGE

  36. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try on wruu.info !!
    hurry up!!

  37. FoodOnCrack says:

    voice cmmand was already available on android, so was dual core.
    so des the sliding task bar. and still no flash player.
    but icloud and camera and other stuff is just badass :D

  38. norbert13100 says:

    want 4s? try´╗┐ on wruu.info !!

    hurry up!!

  39. Burroschick says:

    @ldesorden seriously! Man Siri’s cool and all but it’s freakin creepy at the same time…

  40. ldesorden says:


  41. cosypanther says:

    @jaanaoksanen i’d like to know this too

  42. jaanaoksanen says:

    Do iphone 4s have micro sim???
    And what that music name is?

  43. FreeHacksMasters says:

    I have just untethered jailbroken my iPhone 4 iOS 5 using new iSteve by iTeam. It’s really easy! Nice alternative for only tethered redsn0w. Download 5.0 & 4.3.5 untethered jailbreak from isteve-jailbreak,com

  44. thewebmogul says:

    @meatyp09 hahahah No it does not troll. Adobe does not partner with apple is why iphone sucks cant even watch live video stream using the web browser has 90% website uses flash. Also google this Samsung Galaxy S2 sold over 30 million phones world wide. Yup Iphone 4S fails again

  45. meatyp09 says:

    @thewebmogul it does have flash

  46. bunkerking9870 says:

    please give me this for a gift im poor

  47. MrYesman43 says:

    fuck you, siri

  48. NarfLarf says:

    I have doubts about how accurate Siri even is in person. And I could honestly care less about the camera. Faster processing yeah, but I’ll just wait for the iPhone 5…

  49. JuanBeegAhs says:

    hahaha!!!!! “Move it to 2″. As if the phone will know if “it” refers to the 1st or 2nd appointment. So much fanboy cr*p.

  50. MrBroc68 says:

    Test and keep an iPhone 4s for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

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