Why Apple Should Buy Facebook for up to $100 Billion


Investor Eric Jackson says there’s only one company big enough to buy Facebook: Apple. The combination would be a potential Google killer and too intriguing for Mark Zuckerberg to pass up.

Join your Apple trackpad and keyboard, a concept for upgrading TV hardware, the controversy over Apple’s subscription plan, Netflix and Vudu are on the Boxee Box, and a plug-in keyboard that makes your TV a web browser.
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29 Responses to Why Apple Should Buy Facebook for up to $100 Billion

  1. SteelVelocity says:


    I too believe that Facebook is a fad, but I also believe that this will not happen because Apple, particularly Jobs, is a staunch supporter of protecting personal information. Facebook, as we all know, is built on selling everything their “costumers” post to advertisers.

  2. SteelVelocity says:


    I too believe that Facebook is a fad, but I also believe that this will not happen because Apple, particularly Jobs, is a staunch supporter of protecting personal information. Facebook, as we all know, is built on selling everything their “costumers” post to advertisers.

  3. mvfaraday says:

    btw this video is horrible and is seeding for views via keywords “Apple” and “Facebook” you guys gotta take public speaking classes, for instance wtf is this? youtube.com/watch?v=GKOhjgLbEzM dude is dryer than dust!

  4. mvfaraday says:

    I highly doubt zuckerburg even went to a dealership to pick out the car, he has minions bro, I would place money on it that ZB realized he needed a newer car, and had one of his employees go find him something within a certain price range, and the choice of an acrua was more of a behavioral choice by the assistant who picked up the car it having the same mentality as u. when you’re that busy bro you don’t have to time to go diddle at a dealership for 2-3 hours. Nor is it even relevant.

  5. mvfaraday says:

    @em4rulz LMAO An acura is a Hondo bro, i can understand how you would think that acura is actually in some way luxurious but that is the engineered perception that companies like acura, infinite, lexus etc, progress to the consumer.

  6. em4rulz says:

    @mvfaraday Funny that Acura is a luxury car brand then lol.

  7. joewilder says:

    @lobextomy Yes, MS would love to kill Google with Bing. Google makes 80% of their money from Google search. They aren’t making money from Youtube or Android currently, but let’s get serious, those holdings will get monetized – bigtime.

  8. mvfaraday says:

    dude mark zuckerberg is a minimalist he doesn’t care about money hes a billionaire that lives in an apartment and drives an acura, no one will be buying facebook and its definitely not going to happen with apple’s closed systems approach, ‘OPEN and connected’ is facebook’s motto the complete opposite of what apples progresses.

  9. CannibalTr0ll says:

    Number one: Facebook is worth over their net wealth
    Number two: Facebook is just a fad. It will be over like myspace

  10. lobextomy says:

    @joewilder actually MS is more interested in killing google with bing. and google is actually scared of bing, which now powers yahoo and has 27 per cent of the search market, which is the only, and i mean the only way google makes money.

  11. CodyHumphrey92 says:

    techjournalnow (dot) wordpress (dot) com/

  12. RobzFanpire says:

    You cant kill Google. Yeah you can use Facebook to search people and “pages” and “groups” but you cant search websites. If I want to go on Apples website I cant use Facebook…

  13. joewilder says:

    Facebook is working closely with Microsoft and MS would most likely bid against Apple. There is no indication that Facebook wants to be sold. I don’t see why ZB would want to sell it. If you’re work 40B, you don’t need more money. He might as well keep his options open, maybe even become the largest company on his own.

  14. tylerperson090 says:

    FB is worth way more than 100 billion so thats that.

  15. artyomsx says:

    Fb is the biggest opportunity to waste big money.

  16. Chinchilaa says:

    zukerberg is not done with facebook yet… in my opinion, i believe facebook would be more likely to buy apple in 10 years than what you have suggested.

    and there will be no google killer – the company has its hands in way to much to ever be killed

  17. jamestakeshi says:

    Can you at least provide us with some quantitative rationale behind your claim?

  18. jeffeverest1 says:

    Upgradeable tv? sounds like a concept worth supporting.

  19. TheAppleInvestor says:

    $30 is expensive for the Magic Wand, probably worth $20 at most.

  20. swimwearoptional says:


  21. swimwearoptional says:

    go to kickstarter and search for the aTrakt! it’s light years beyond this junk.

  22. swimwearoptional says:

    magic wand sucks, the devices paddle and you lose the physical click of the trackpad, also its plastic which makes it looks stupid under the aluminum apple devices. theres a cnc aluminum product called the aTrakt! that’s waaaaay better than this cut off pipe job twelvesouth is selling.

  23. InfiniteLuke says:

    Upgradable TVs (or any other upgradable Thinks) is not an as good way of making money as non-upgradable ones -> so they don’t make them

  24. kmccmk9 says:

    I think that is a fantastic idea!

  25. 007HubbaBubba says:

    Upgradable TV’s, now that sounds like a winner. Let’s gett-er-done!

  26. dadvoc666 says:

    apple gone bonkers!

  27. orionsbelt0 says:

    The upgradeable tv could be a good idea in a couple senses however the main thing that would want to be upgraded in my opinion is screen size and resolution. When i shop for a TV I know I dont care about hardly any of the features except the picture quality which the gpu/cpu should be perfectly matched to the screen if it is engineered correctly.

  28. sepehrsb says:

    ya thanks Cali i dont have twitter so you just put me down.
    *sobs in the corner telling himself its gonna be alright! there is nothing wrong with him!*

  29. MrCker says:

    Upgradable tv the time has come…

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