White iPhone 4 Release Announced!


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After a week of tinkering with the iPhone 4S, Mike and Brian will talk about the various features.


50 Responses to White iPhone 4 Release Announced!

  1. grayigti says:

    Test and keep iPhone 4S giveaway xD freegiveawayrewards.info


  2. itxredbull says:

    10 person cannot afford more than a ipod nano 1st generation.

  3. Bluedragon00xx says:

    it actually iPhone 4s stupid

  4. Trykky88 says:

    @MetaTechnology1 I tought the same thing XD!

  5. canesjorden says:

    iphone 5 is coming this September….plz confirm!!!!

  6. binhduongmobile says:

    it ok

  7. MetaTechnology1 says:

    U look like Harry Potter..

  8. TheFashizy says:

    Sprint will have the DualCore EVO 3D w/Android 2.3, T-Mo a DC Sensation with 2.3, Verizon a DC Galaxy S2, which is a much better version of the Infuse since it’ll have Samsungs newer & better UI, the same thinness & screen size, with of course 2.3. AT&T is releasing this w/last yrs 2.2 out of the box to compete? Won’t receive an update anytime soon either if ever. Again, why would we buy this SingleCore outdated phone? Especially over the Galaxy S2? This’d be a complete step down. Insane.

  9. adirm18 says:

    verison is cdma so it sucks
    atnt is gsm so you can get the phone from atnt but use it at t-mobile

  10. 6Italia0 says:

    I have a nexus s too. And it’s awesome but the only reason I got it is because one it’s the most advanced android phone (2.3.2) and two it’s gets tmobile USA 3G but I would rather go back to my iPhone 4 using tmobile USA edge because the phone is capable of so much more (jailbroken of coarse)

  11. somerpg says:

    When is the droid incredible 2 coming out in the US?

  12. mysterypeep55 says:

    im getting the white iphone 4 in a week but on verizon….

  13. FlyYouFools88 says:

    @allhellhere I really like the design of HTC Sensation and the Atrix over the galaxy s2 but I’m unsure about the new qualcomm chips. Ive had four phones in my life, three of which have been HTC. HTC Tytn 2 was my first phone lol. I really just want vanilla android on my phone :( in my opinion the galaxy s2 looks a little ugly and the touchwiz UI is gross. I really like the Atrix, but a little dubious about the tegra chip – my xoom can be slow at times :(

  14. bonoboww says:

    What’s the best Android phone out…?

  15. allhellhere says:

    @FlyYouFools88 Same situation here mate. I reckon HTC Sensation is a device to watch. I actually like HTC devices as they r way too reliable than a samsung device which lags most of the times.

  16. FlyYouFools88 says:

    Hey sam, I’m thinking of upgrading my HTC desire to a new phone. Don’t know if I should wait for atrix in the uk or get the samsung galaxy s2. Do you think google will release a dual core phone soon?

  17. MattSm130 says:

    @573W1E6R1FF1N I was sort of referencing that – apparently there’s going to be a law suit because of it ;S)

  18. 573W1E6R1FF1N says:

    @MattSm130 Didn’t stop Amazon

  19. MattSm130 says:

    It sounds like you are expanding your ways of how you give us our phoneage news. How about making apps on the Iphone and Android app stores?
    (Oh wait sorry, only Apple can use the term app store…)

  20. EastAngliaUK says:

    Hi Sam what are your best TV shows and movies?

  21. bobsmithisaman says:

    @TheBraden1996 silly billy

  22. iCrazinessShow says:


    Do you know what’s going on with windows phone 7? I saw the hTC HD 7 in Media Markt (an electronics shop) for 515€ (no contract) but there was something strange, on Amazon the same phone costs 280€!!! OMG!

  23. adamosification says:

    we are watching phoneage, and you need a shave!

  24. tfpunk1979 says:

    I like your videos… plus your cute :)

  25. OlssonNosslo says:

    you are harry potter

  26. tmad1018 says:

    First time watching the insanely great show with Brian and Mike I already love this! Well done!

  27. meganorbert13 says:

    want 4S? try giveaway on wruu.info

    hurry up!!

  28. norbert13mad says:

    want 4S? try giveaway on wruu.info !!

    hurry up!!

  29. ingridnhbf says:

    Test and keep iPhone 4S giveaway xD freegiveawayrewards.info


  30. norbert13able says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on wruu.info !!
    hurry up!! * * *

  31. TheCoolviper says:

    u guys are funny lol :)

  32. adidasDC says:

    What’s the point of backing up all your photos and videos? I just use my iPhone as a camera in the sense that I plug it in copy all the photos to my hard drive then back up the rest of the phone

  33. gar2k11 says:

    Stumbled across this while looking for footage of the 1984 macintosh insanely great stuff. Absolutely loved the show, thanks for sharing your views!

  34. Aang6678 says:

    Love meebo, been using it for about 2 years… have it on both my iPhone 3G(no service) and my Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile.

  35. MrEmptiness says:

    Guess what? I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more iPhone 4S.

  36. LastStopReviews says:

    Nice Vid

  37. jordandoestech says:

    @1theunknownone1 well i got it the day after and had to get it in black (i really wanted white) i just now am getting the white 1, 9 days after the launch btw i couldnt put anything on it

  38. octoberemp says:

    @Harismanan hey man i agree about lockerknome…kinda, but mike and brian always stick to the subject, and are good at communicating there opinions to the audience without an offense of confusion….

  39. octoberemp says:

    so everyone knows, dont call best buy to check if they have phones, i called multiple times, everytime being told they were sold out, i went there and they had 5 left….

  40. mwblank says:

    Love the show, watch it every week too!

  41. yard26recordings says:

    thanks for the show, watch every week

  42. catchatyou says:

    @wwwinsanelygreatmac I love watching long shows. Actually, I click on long shows before I click on short videos.

  43. 1theunknownone1 says:

    I feel sorry for you, i had to wait 2 days after launch and that killed me.

  44. MapleMeadows says:

    You guys are great.

  45. freddynz says:

    @igmbrian Actually by not moving along to fast you keep it interesting, if I wanted nothing but a product review i’d go visit a tech site… obviously you two are friends and its the conversational style that’s interesting… a good friend of mine moved to Ireland and we Skype in much the same manner. as for NZ, yep it certainly has an amazing outdoors that’s really accessible to anyone!

  46. igmbrian says:

    @freddynz Thanks for watching, Freddynz! Hopefully we keep it moving by not boring the hell out of anyone with heavy, thick tech news. It can be so dry and boring if it’s not presented correctly. On an unrelated note; I would love to visit your amazing country someday… I’ve heard so many amazing things about the boating, hiking and canyoning… can’t wait to get there :)

  47. igmbrian says:

    @mussybyu1 +1 for you as well! I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes now :) I stand by the fact that we have the smartest and funniest community on YouTube…

  48. igmbrian says:

    @Spectolux You need to listen again… At 1:30, (which comes before 2:30) I said it was a crazy situation, and sad that the animals had to die. The humor came in the absurdity of seeing a freeway sign regarding exotic animals, and finding a monkey infected with Herpes. Slide the slider past that, and you’ve got all the iPhone info that you need. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you here next week!

  49. igmbrian says:

    @lgadwords +1 for Igadwords… Checkmate!

  50. jleetj says:

    I love listening to you guys but could you not say “basically” so much? Thx!

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