Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film


This was made entirely on the iPhone 4S, including all shooting, color grading, editing, and special effects.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film

  1. matthewsmattsmac8 says:

    I got a 60D today and if only I could make videos like this, just not on a iPhone. This video is great!

  2. hirokido says:

    @MattsMacintosh Okay but don’t you have a 60D? Do you think the t3i is better or just cheaper? Also what programs should I get for my mac laptop to aid myself in post production? thank you so much!

  3. MattsMacintosh says:

    @hirokido Canon T3i. Great image quality, great video features, and affordable price. But since I shot this on a phone, you can see that its really more important to focus on post-production.

  4. hirokido says:

    what kind of camera do you recommend for somebody trying to make films like this, in the 600-1200 dollar price range? and why?

  5. benji12101 says:

    Great job man !

  6. mikeinthehouse123 says:

    was tht supposed to be a panther? xD

  7. gold7oo says:

    @MattsMacintosh You have answered a question that I have been dying to hear. THANK YOU!!!

  8. ADKTrailbreaker says:

    @ADKTrailbreaker Whoops! I meant “MAN I’M still trying…” and “…friend showed ME.” My trackpad is F’ed up right now causing me to accidentally hit “post.”

  9. ADKTrailbreaker says:

    MaI’m still trying to forget that “ghost chair” screamer that a friend showed hand

  10. supercooldude2121 says:

    @MattsMacintosh I hate it when people film there videos sideways!

  11. MovieMakerPro8 says:

    @MattsMacintosh ahhh! thank you very much! i feel like that was a dumb question now.

  12. MattsMacintosh says:

    @MovieMakerPro8 You were recording with your iPhone held vertically. Always shoot video with your iPhone horizontal.

  13. MovieMakerPro8 says:

    @MattsMacintosh if you look at my video Senior High Retreat and skip to the ending part it was all done on an iphone but its half screen. or 3 yr. old burns out.

  14. jtlay42 says:

    At first I thought it was boromir…

  15. Greenfreak448844 says:

    well done matt, and i loved the color grading you used :D

  16. MattsMacintosh says:

    @MovieMakerPro8 I’m not sure what you mean by “half screen”. Do you mean the aspect ratio is off?

  17. MovieMakerPro8 says:

    everytime i flim on my iphone it never turns out the way i want it to when i put it into final cut pro because its only half screen. i try to crop and then transform it but it really distorts the shot. howd you do this? and what do you suggest to do in the future?

  18. MattsMacintosh says:

    @MovieMakerPro8 There was a piece of thin styrofoam under the cape.

  19. MovieMakerPro8 says:

    how do you do the arrows in the back?

  20. RadicalMassacre says:

    was NOT expecting that…well done sir :)

  21. pkinsantafe says:

    beautiful video…is this character with the arrows in his back a pilgrim? would like to know who and where he is, thanks!

  22. Ipad2Adventures says:

    WOW! I loved it.

  23. AppChat says:

    Mann you beat me to the all iphone-made video lol. Anyways flippin suh-weet Matt :D

  24. DetroitBORG says:

    This is amazing; filming, filtering, editing, and special FX all done a phone! Superb work Matt!

  25. DavidVII7 says:

    …aaand with that I need a new pair of pants.

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