Untethered Jailbreak 5.0, 5.0.1 iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2, 1 & New iPod Touch What you need to know


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25 Responses to Untethered Jailbreak 5.0, 5.0.1 iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2, 1 & New iPod Touch What you need to know

  1. Kholmesii says:

    @Kholmesii or even the devteam?

  2. Kholmesii says:

    I know pod2g is making progress but has anyone gotten word on a possible release date? just curious. And is anyone else working on anything ie. geohot, or Ih8sn0w?

  3. Z7FTV says:

    why pod2g is not telling how to jailbreak 5.0.1 untetherd ???

  4. stuntlife07 says:

    And Dino , that statement ain’t directed to you … I been following you from day one lol

  5. stuntlife07 says:

    And for plp saying we should of never up graded for the ipad2 … Shut up cause if u own one u will under stand that the battery was horrible .

  6. stuntlife07 says:

    Wen is the 5.0.1 jail break coming for the iPad 2?

  7. SniperXXX0716 says:

    i hope ipad 2 is soon !!!!

  8. italiaLT13 says:

    @slipk0rvayne17 ya i know :/ i found out too late

  9. thespikey1000 says:

    Who here out of the iPod nerds knows about call of duty

  10. slipk0rvayne17 says:

    @italiaLT13 You shouldnt have even updated it to 5.0.1

  11. slipk0rvayne17 says:

    Nice video hopefully they will release it before Christmas Keep up the great work kid..
    iPhone 3G Jailbroken.
    iPhone 4 Jailbroken
    Hopefully iPhone 4s Jailbroken.

  12. italiaLT13 says:

    i have an iphone 4 with 5.0.1. i want to jailbreak it, but should i downgrade it or wait it out?

  13. stocadg says:

    why dont all of you guys on youtube stop uploading untethered 5.0 ios news videos unless it really is a video showing how to do it, and link dor download ?every video i see about the jailbreak untethered ios5 is only news that is coming soon, i only want to watch if it is showing how to get it, and download it

  14. JTJudgment says:

    does anybody hav any idea when it will be released ??? Hopefully before xmas :)

  15. VecTroGamingUk says:

    @lewisSherlock11 its not compatible

  16. lewisSherlock11 says:

    Ipod touch 2g?

  17. Revolutiongirl09 says:

    So is the jailbreak from the devteam the Ultra Jailbreak Tool a fraud because I tried using it and doing the steps correctly and no luck on my Iphone4s ios 5.0.1

  18. ctrltomoh says:

    is there a vid on a tethered jailbreak on the 4s? how to

  19. ForzaaPAOKARA says:

    i cant wait for iphone 4S jailbreak !!!

  20. josephwatts69 says:

    @ninjamankillsall It’s called having a job, plus for $10,000 you could buy all that plus have some change

  21. DisabledTravis says:

    DINO???? I need to ask u something, i unjailbroke and updated and on ios5 and i hate it can you help me down grade to 4.3.3 this is on 3gs msg me back plase

  22. uzihasan says:

    hey dino do u have any idea approximately when they are going to release jailbreak for I PAD 2 V 5.0.1 WiFi.

  23. dadman249 says:

    Kinda racist how its been tested on the black ones but there not sure for the white ones :L :)

  24. SkeelZx3 says:


    Check the blog, Pod already confirmed that it’s working with 5.0.1. So you can feel free to update.

  25. kevinl775 says:

    Great vids

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