This Week in Mobile – Apple’s Newest Products


This week we unveil all of Apple’s newest products announced this week, including the brand new (and tiny!) AppleTV. For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to

The Original 1984 Macintosh Introduction: the magic moment, when Steve Jobs unveils the Macintosh and releases it from its bag. We’ve found these historical lost videos in 2004 and restored and published them to the world on January 24., 2005, when the Mac became 21 years old. Read the story of this wonderful discovery here: Uploaded by TextLab, the original discoverers and restorers.
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31 Responses to This Week in Mobile – Apple’s Newest Products

  1. FinalCutKing says:

    thought you would like my visual effects videos.
    take care,


  2. BlueIce1718 says:

    I love this young lady. She is a great host and knows her shit. Too bad she only dates geeks and tall men. One out of 2 aint bad. She said it “Size Matters” What’s that about Ashley us short men don’t matter?

  3. BlueIce1718 says:

    I love this young lady. She is a great host and knows her shit. Too bad she only dates geeks and tall men. One out of 2 aint bad.

  4. thenowandaway says:

    I have been watching your show for a long time. Ashley does a great job. Hobbs should change his name to Mumbles. Most of the time especially at the beginning of the show you can’t understand anything he says.

  5. mejdam says:

    you can stream from phone to appletv using airplay? OMG That is awesome……… wait isnt that what android already has? isnt that called dlna, fail apple fail. 99 cent rentals and in amazon you can purchase them for the same price?

  6. NoMoreNiceGuy1 says:


  7. patrik99theking says:

    1984 version of Siri ;)

  8. KuggeR23 says:

    glory days of times new roman font

  9. SJ4EV3R says:

    @coius <<< As a strong LEADER/CEO, Steve Jobs inspires, motivates, charms, demands, orders his employees to be the BEST that they can BE (maximize his employees’ potential) for the company, as well as for the customers’ benefit!
    “My job is NOT to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even BETTER.”

    –Steve Jobs on being a CEO
    Forbes Magazine CEO of the Decade

  10. BobZOMG84 says:

    Kevin Flint???

  11. BenNgWH says:

    the smile of steve jobs from 4:04-4:25 makes my heart so happy

  12. BenNgWH says:

    the smile of steve jobs from 4.04-4.25 makes my heart so happy

  13. coius says:

    I have been reading the steve jobs biography (I used to be an apple zealot and i have steve, but I do admire him for the drive and the ability to push his team to the max) but it surprises me this fragile man (I mean emotionally) completed so much in his life. I applaud him, even if he was an absolute dick to others around him, he got results and pushed people to the limits to make the impossible happen. Kudos steve. you may have been hated, but you did a damn good job in computing history

  14. kaianttila73i says:

    I’m glad computers aren’t like that anymore.

    We’ve come a long way in 27 years.

  15. kama437 says:

    @900GTi lol….kk

  16. 0oraven0o says:

    @Gouki6669 me too

  17. aliciaqu says:

    can you believe it? The world is changing at a lightening speed. Thank you Steve, we miss you!

  18. MrTyler8782 says:


  19. 900GTi says:

    @kama437 no, they are just Windows fans…

  20. SicilanTeen says:


  21. emmthreejonny says:

    94 people are your typical anti-capitalists.

  22. generalufc says:

    Genio !!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. BadHaders says:

    @SergioWhattsUps MAC-CEPTION

  24. kama437 says:

    94 people still use the 1984 mac !

  25. deniz11muis1 says:

    luckly i was born in 1995 and did not have to see this crap

  26. federxer says:

    @SergioWhattsUps i wish i was

  27. Ascesa90 says:

    Xerox Star

  28. Gouki6669 says:

    Steve jobs book send me here, RIP steve jobs!!! >_<

  29. anasFarma says:


  30. Abplevids says:

    @Soundwave401 yup

  31. WeAreTheRiot says:

    I remember the “Age of Technology and Inventions”. What ever happened to creativity now? Just upgraded versions of what was invented.

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