The INCREDULOUS iPhone 4S (Parody)


NOTICE: I uploaded this Apple iphone parody BEFORE anyone was even aware of the unfortunate death of Steve. This is to NO disrespect to him, at ALL. The original 4S commercial was humorous. I LOVE Steve Jobs. He’s an amazing innovator, and inspiring speaker. I hope you all understand this. ;D Thanks. FACEBOOK: T-SHIRTS: TWITTER DAILYBOOTH: Music: The incredible and lovely “Mars Argo” Apple – iPhone 4S – The most amazing iPhone yet. iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s iphone 4s
Video Rating: 4 / 5

True, the iPhone 4S debuted to jeers from those who demanded a redesign: but it’s selling like hotcakes in pre-order land! Plus, RIM’s sad collapse and Google’s internal manifesto to the world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to The INCREDULOUS iPhone 4S (Parody)

  1. norbert13able says:

    want ❤ 4S ❤ ? try giveaway on !!
    sign up to get this marvelous phone !!

  2. iKiki11 says:

    thumbs up if u want cyr to marry u !

  3. mew10000000 says:


  4. nachocomm says:

    he said that at the end dude?

  5. Z33Z00 says:


  6. TheGreatYmir says:

    Cyr, he likes cupcakes

  7. GodlessManitoban says:

    Apple’s font’s is Myriad Web Pro.

  8. chibigrunt says:

    @Crash7444 You know the title says 4S, so he obviously knows -__-u (parody)

  9. Crash7444 says:

    Other than the G bullshit. Still a funny video!

  10. Crash7444 says:

    IT’S NOT A FUCKING 4″G”S!!!! THERE IS NO FUCKING G!!!!’ IT’S iPhone 4S. If your gonna make fun of something atleast get the damn name right!

  11. IzUalKarbad says:

    Well it’s better because it’s apple… and it’s always… emmm… it’s just better…. Yeah, that’s how a friend of mine explained me the difference between anything in the world and apple… and fuck yeah she convinced me, because apple is… just… apple 0_o

  12. IronicLady1 says:

    Hahaha, the ad that popped up when I watched this video? A samsung galaxy ad….brilliant

  13. thecooldude71 says:

    150 people bought iphone 4s’s

  14. sexuallypumpkinss says:

    you’re hilarious

  15. iwaver44 says:


  16. kapirighted says:

    Loooove this. very professional n incredibuller

  17. hidajet0 says:

    megusta XD

  18. VJAR1000 says:

    doesnt this guy look a bit like shanedawson

  19. TheColeErvin says:

    you know i love how everyone is like “the droid has been doing that for years!” but the iPhone still sells more than any other smart phone so……which one is better? hmmm?

  20. sakugu130 says:

    that last part had me dying

  21. iroh181 says:

    Skrillex….. is that you?
    Oh, its only cyr

  22. jscheesy6 says:

    u be a hipster

  23. BetterThanBieber says:

    lol, you don’t know what incredulous means, do you?

  24. abcfunnyxyz1 says:

    @cupcaiikequeen your mature!

  25. Desolate182 says:

    The Iphone 4S, does what every mid range android phone has been doing for over a year now, …. but its apple…..its fucking revolutionary

  26. c4life2828 says:

    Nice video here. I text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) and got a iPhone 4s free. The company seems to be awesome. I love this phone!

  27. BeyLeb94 says:

    Did no one notice the title says Buzz Out Loud and not Buzz Report?

  28. EnriqueTamer says:

    @CiaranVanDon you are right 

  29. CiaranVanDon says:

    @EnriqueTamer If you ask Siri nicely she might just do that for you lol ;-)

  30. jordana8899 says:

    is she wearing a Bra? seriously woman?

  31. wsmarines says:

    molly wood does not give me wood.

  32. alexmeanberg says:

    This isn’t even buzz out loud. WTF cnet?

  33. robertojnc says:

    wth is a ticker?

  34. jvrdlc says:

    show me yourrr tittesssss!!!!

  35. willsong1234 says:


  36. Tr1pTr0p says:

    @rdrummer14 You’re.

  37. EnriqueTamer says:

    @DannyLrides me too

  38. 54321thedeathbed says:

    @EnriqueTamer thats what she said

  39. Henryinmucco says:

    @TheMaskSMoky, I just got my iPhone 4s and I am totally blown away. My MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I haven not missed a beat ;)

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his iPhone 4s for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was:

  40. TheBetaJake says:

    This may be hard to believe but Blockbuster is where it’s at. If you sign up for the free 30 day trial, you get…

    - Movies 28 days before Redbox or Netflix
    - You can go and exchange your movies at a local Blockbuster
    - You can choose between DVDs, Blu-rays, and Console Games at no extra charge!
    - Same 9.99 price

    If you are so gun-ho out the streaming, do the 30 day free trial through netflix and watch everything you want on the streaming. I guarantee 30 days is all you need…

  41. ReachNin says:

    Molly, great vid.
    Agree about RIM…I’ve been with BB for years (why?!) …time for a change…Ip4s?
    loving the humour.

  42. RatkoUSA says:

    RIM job

  43. mynosehurt says:

    LOL Piano4Steve


  44. loopba says:

    Molly and her non-stop irony has run its course

  45. SGS2sprint says:

    BAD MidTier changes Apples recycled brick from 17mths ago.

    -800Mhz chip? LG did that a yr ago = 1.5Ghz Androids,

    512 RAM? HTC did that 2yrs ago = 1012RAM Android,

    8MPcamera=SonyEricsson 4 yrs ago and

    this “new notification center”= Android since 2008!No 4g?

    search utube:”Introducing Voice Actions for Android”= Suri=gimmick

    Divice of yr2011=Samsung Galaxys2 W/ HUGE size 4.52″ screen=vivid colors=deep blacks= HD

    SEE: 4s VS S2 “/watch?v=G1EBlCWBHHs”&plz click my name below 4 clips.MUST SEE!

  46. trdracer21 says:

    iphone 4shit

  47. Seriusaki says:

    i love you!!!!!

  48. seafireliv says:

    I still remember everyone who was convinced that the 5 was coming out and I thought, `Where the heck did they get this rumour from?`

    Anyway, I just researched and go what was best, not what was most hyped.

  49. smiulika says:

    I just found a test site, were you can test the iPhone 5:

  50. DavorNL says:

    again steve blowjobs

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