Style: Apples With Candied Bacon à la Mode-


Mark Bittman pairs sweet and savory in a simple dessert.


8 Responses to Style: Apples With Candied Bacon à la Mode-

  1. SC2Troll says:

    get chyor little baby bitch back bacon bullshit outta here we cook with light brown sugar player, light, cuz were trying to watch our waist player

  2. yolande2d says:

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  3. OldSchoolSkill says:

    Yeah, it’s unorthodox, but it looks delicious!
    Not Kosher, but damn delicious.

  4. zankhe43 says:

    How often do you eat dessert, ICE? He’s not telling you to make it a part of your daily food intake. Must be American.

  5. Sallyakerti says:

    Thank you.

  6. Gilgamesh417 says:

    @ICE9RLN0 Also, it’s called the minimalist for a reason.

  7. Gilgamesh417 says:

    @ICE9RLN0 Don’t hate. Would you have thought of making candy bacon as an ice cream topping?

  8. ICE9RLN0 says:

    Okay, lets do what anyone can do to make food taste good: add fat and sugar.

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