Steve Jobs interviewed just before returning to Apple


Rare 1996 interview with Steve Jobs on Wall $ treet Week with Louis Rukeyser
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50 Responses to Steve Jobs interviewed just before returning to Apple

  1. SwordsmasterMarth says:

    Wow! He was so young here. At first that guy made me think he was someone else :)

  2. champion1098 says:

    He was sued by apple corp please goto apple corp on wikipedia.He didn’t found pixel he bought it .please improve your history and also view some allan kay on youtube.Many times steve used quotes of allen kay.

  3. garethnicholson says:

    @champion1098 There’s always someone like you that feels the need to comment moronically.

  4. ashepe says:

    The interviewer is a such douche!

  5. pikken01 says:

    @champion1098 Lol your an idiot sir. If you knew anything about Apple and it´s name, you would know that the Apple name comes from Steve´s younger years when he worked on an Apple plantage with his friends. This is common knowledge by now.

  6. fritzov says:

    @TheLovableAss you have no idea what you are talking about, Steve spend the last 10 years so secure apples future without him.

  7. champion1098 says:


  8. aaronp808 says:

    I miss Louis….

  9. ansonwilson says:

    That old douchebag kept using the phrase “Computer nerd” in a derogatory way. IT’s amazing how that perception has changed.

  10. sunnyvegas702 says:

    @DraconianKindness I dont know if thats a negative or positive comment lol.

  11. MrBretEsque says:

    the host is such a douche.

  12. sonnybrown says:

    @DraconianKindness This country would be in better shape, that’s for sure.

  13. OneSl528 says:

    LOL wtf at the end

  14. immatoll says:

    Will be win 8 (combinating tablet and REAL OS) and Android that will make it really hard for Apple.

  15. immatoll says:

    To be honest. I have a mac. I love mac. I like win. But somehow Mac OS X is standing still again. iOS is great but there

  16. G58 says:

    @fpeloquin9 How did you survive to the age of 50 being so utterly stupid? Steve Jobs never predicted anything in public. That’s Gates’ act. Why didn’t you just watch the video and avoid behaving like a horse’s ass?

  17. cmvondoom says:

    DId you check out STEVE JOBS QUOTES AND TRIVIA APP on the Apple Store???
    A nice way of remembering this GREAT MAN on your iOS device!!!
    Check the reviews for the opinions of other people ;)
    If you like it, please share it!!! :)

  18. qurodroid says:

    i miss steve

  19. fpeloquin9 says:


  20. Heat3YT2 says:

    @mynameisEvelynSalt His biological father is actually Syrian. Though you are right that Arabs and Persians are not the same.

  21. Heat3YT2 says:

    @simon3102000 He bought it from George Lucas. It wasn’t called Pixar back then, it was just a division of LucasFilm that made machine called the Pixar Image Computer. After Jobs bought it they named the company after the computer they made. They made small animated shorts for the purpose of demonstrating the computer which they intended to sell. Eventually they convinced Disney to pay a lot of money to make a full length movie (Toy Story). After that it became the movie studio we know today.

  22. smuldia says:

    @TheClassica87 Yes it was worth the trade. Yelling at people is just yelling at people.

  23. rancosteel says:

    Great video. Thanks for the upload and sharing.

  24. sirbargearse says:

    “…and I still think Apple still has a future.” You have to admire his optimism despite where Apple was at that point in time.

  25. maalaea says:

    search, “The Masonic Illuminati Origins Of Apple Computers”

  26. norbert13able says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on WRUU.iNFO !!
    hurry up!!

  27. hhawkk says:

    i just got one in white today .thumbs up if you want it too

  28. TheAb1r says:

    yeah this phone is my bitch.

  29. Juwankjjk says:

    The voice android voice still batter

  30. Juwankjjk says:

    They just trying to copy the in droid.

  31. thecomputerhelper321 says:

    rolling in the deep by ADELE!!! I KNOW IT!

  32. errberdurb says:

    306 people are still on their iphone 4 contracts

  33. RAPPERSPWN says:

    I WANT THIS PHONE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. hgmuzic says:

    android all the way

  35. vishvender says:

    shitty ass quality video.

  36. TheWWEFORLIFE says:

    I ordered mine the 7 th

  37. Chloee395 says:

    Just ordered this, so excited!

  38. akkyx6 says:

    hey friends i watch this video on 13 october and i buy on 14 october and friends belive me this is amazing phone ever…..

  39. dakalogables says:

    AW :| kelan kaya ko magkakaganito :D hahaha :|

  40. iCyberGamer says:

    @XDemonXQ8 wait for what exactly ? …. you’re like 5 generations behind, start getting up to date. and yes. get it .

  41. SGS2sprint says:

    BAD MidTier changes Apples recycled brick from 17mths ago.

    -800Mhz chip? LG did that a yr ago = 1.5Ghz Androids,

    512 RAM? HTC did that 2yrs ago = 1012RAM Android,

    8MPcamera=SonyEricsson 4 yrs ago and

    this “new notification center”= Android since 2008!No 4g?

    search utube:”Introducing Voice Actions for Android”= Suri=gimmick

    Divice of yr2011=Samsung Galaxys2 W/ HUGE size 4.52″ screen= vivid colors= deep blacks= HD

    SEE: 4s VS S2 phonphneenvy chan+>plz click my name below 4 clips. MUST SEE!

  42. finafini says:

    fuck Iphone, stupid generic people

  43. seetrader says:

    It’s my dhd in a crappy plastic case lol, the tech is about a year behind everything else. And its nice to see androids notification drawer lol, revolutionary lol

  44. atawad330 says:

    @TheWWEFORLIFE So truee. Haters gonna hate and look like a fool.

  45. atawad330 says:

    @bakes7b Not everyone said that.
    But you have to get that Siri is the best “voice stuff”.
    Get an iPhone and you will understand the greatness.
    I just got the iPhone 4S and I’m loving it.

  46. TheWWEFORLIFE says:

    Bakes7b- if u actually so the video he guy said devices do have a voice thing. BUT IPHONE IS THE ONLY PHONE THAT COULD UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN

  47. bakes7b says:

    @atawad330 theres nothing getting over. im saying that everyone thinks the iphone is the first phone ever to have voice stuff. but its not.

  48. norbert13mad says:

    i don’t love apple bulshiting but when i can get something for free i do it !
    1 submitted email on and really WON this piece of goo!!

  49. atawad330 says:

    Dude. Everyone has their opinions. You can’t tell people to like something else.
    They LOVE Apple and so do I. Just get over it.

  50. 911Dagur says:

    @bakes7b Writing shit in caps lock doesnt make it true

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