Stabilization – The Biggest Improvement With iPhone 4S’ Camera

Iphone 4s Camera

Although some users are still sobbing of not getting a re-designed iPhone, it seems that iPhone 4S reveals more and more differences from its predecessor. A newly posted clip shows how the upgraded camera represents a huge leap.

The clip is explanatory enough for the differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S when it comes to camera capabilities. The new iPhone can offer steady video image, which is by itself a big plus. In addition, the colors are well-balanced and realistic, while the pictures have a low noise level. By comparison, iPhone 4 pictures seem now over-saturated and somehow not viable.

Probably the most obvious difference is image stabilisation. iPhone 4S has a feature advertised from day one as “temporal noise reduction”. The technique allows the motionless areas, freezes them and then are filtered and processed to reduce noise.

What makes iPhone 4S so much better? To begin with, iPhone 4S shows off an 8 MP backside illumination sensor with a resolution of 3264 x 2448. The new technology allows 73% more light to hit the sensor, due to the new configuration with the photodiodes placed on the front of the chip. This also improves low-light sensitivity.

And that’s not all. Apple worked some magic on the lens system also. The aperture is now wider, opening from f/2.8 to f/2.4A and the fifth lens was added. As in the traditional cameras with lens systems constructed from multiple elements, the picture is now sharper. Apple advertised 30% more sharpness for the new camera. In addition, now the users can brag with their macro photography skills which they couldn’t do with iPhone 4.

Iphone 4s Camera

If you have noticed from the clip a different color range in the images captured with iPhone 4S, the hybrid infrared filter has anything to do with it. This newly added element reduces the chromatic aberration and captures the colors more realistically. Now it’ s up to the user to capture those unique moments because one thing iPhone 4S is to alert when the time is right to press the button.


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