Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Arc Released – Apple Sues Amazon – WP7 Copy and Paste!


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25 Responses to Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Arc Released – Apple Sues Amazon – WP7 Copy and Paste!

  1. valray2714 says:

    @arsten24, @stoplllL00, @CatySss and for those below who are looking for an iPad 2 for Free, simply google:

    Nice review btw, I get my iPad 2 for FREE by the end of the week. can’t wait for it! weee :)

  2. mentroplaske says:

    Participate: goo.glk55ge and win iPhone 5.

  3. MyIceman12345 says:

    Id like to break his face lol

  4. jhaylo28 says:

    i dont like the video… but I like you! haha

  5. ThePivotXtreme says:

    When you said the first 1,000 to pre-order get a dock, i thought you said a new dog :D

  6. symptomaticfacegl says:


  7. MadHatternet says:

    Dude im alice and why do i find myself very attracted to u? Its weird xxx i like it

  8. Sikataklaus says:

    When did Justin Bieber started doing phone news? o_O

  9. bananapantie3000 says:

    all the apps that starts with i should get sued then…

  10. bananapantie3000 says:

    amazon shoukd sue apple back for suing for a bullshit reason.

  11. sharp2381 says:

    he said do do LOL

  12. danieldvs100 says:

    @buckethead10Alex  lol ikr, wth is 35 pounds?

  13. LopezMuzikStyles says:

    Wait, how can something be free for 35 pounds?

  14. ShadowBrave21 says:

    Apple is a great company. In terms of hardware and software but really that’s the worst customer service ever lol there about the dollar too

  15. bryanhaywood says:

    I thought you said free dog instead of free dock and I was like “free puppies?!?! Heck yes!!!”

  16. owensoft says:

    Wow, m$ saved copy and paste for a release

  17. samuraiking31 says:

    I am Sam, a semi fanboy but you are 100% right about apple. They probably do have a trademark on the name because they like to dumb that shit down for there users. But you know it makes them iMoney.

  18. Agriking says:

    I would think Apple’s case would be open and shut. If, in fact, they do have a trademark on App Store then it will be registered with the US Trademark and Patent Office.

  19. tehkseven says:

    @SteveRoberts100 Probably not. -Sam.

  20. tehkseven says:

    @schokohacker I don’t understand what the professional advantage would be of having my entire head within the frame. The only advantage in the frame on this video would be seeing more of my fluffy hair. I don’t usually think too much when it comes to how much of my head is in shot; I just… do it. -Sam.

  21. tehkseven says:

    @FlyYouFools88 That’s exactly what I think, but you know what YouTube is like. -Sam.

  22. tehkseven says:

    @Mcstikman No, I said dog, obviously. -Sam.

  23. tehkseven says:

    @TOXIXIFY No, I’m not. ;] -Sam.

  24. TOXIXIFY says:

    You’re too close to the camera.

  25. superhappypenguin2 says:

    @Patsa2001 he says free dock not dog

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