Siri: The Horror Movie


Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Siri: The Horror Movie

  1. Milosandroid says:

    BEST PART STARTS AT 00:00 AND FINISHED AT 2:12 wawwawwaw !

  2. MrMaxpayn3 says:

    no, the end wont work since a nerd and a sexy chick are the last persons

  3. valintinefreek says:

    wow WTH

  4. GamerGiirlz says:

    sirisarcasm(.)com has some funnier ones (:

  5. BrookMorrison says:

    @KingHenrikLundqvist You mean the iPhone? The one phone that revolutionized smart phones? lol derp

  6. cacapushy says:

    This makes me not want to get it

  7. Mercury144 says:

    At 1:18, he has Shinigami eyes xD

  8. assassincreeddudeqqq says:

    RATED G!

  9. misieq01 says:

    really good movie I watched it last night with my dad! !! on best . movies . tk


  10. KIMPYTON1 says:

    Looks like a fukn awesome movie luv to watch

  11. fo0g says:

    bmw m3 e46 csl!

  12. Rahib25 says:


  13. DarkJoney says:

    I am always say – Iphone sucks.Android never kill u dear friend!

  14. Delokrat says:

    i would pay big money to see this movie

  15. yellowcougar18 says:

    From 1.23 onwards there is a really cool homage to John Carpenter’s Christine.

    Nice one.

  16. thatgameboy2600 says:

    @KingHenrikLundqvist What’s wrong with apple product’s?

  17. iDie521 says:

    446 people come here to see a girl showering

  18. diaryofabadman9 says:

    i think its alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. zePippin says:

    Scary thing is I watched this on my iPhone i was like 0_0

  20. Bossmankiller52 says:

    Im glad that i dont have an iphone :)

  21. killzilla9 says:

    y this does not surprise me that a apple product will try to destroy humans

  22. s1rj0hn0fy0rk says:

    wow…you guys have way too much fun doing crazy shit, but thanks. i needed a good laugh today

  23. trapstarjohny says:

    anyone have a knife?
    Theres an app for that…..*stab*

  24. stellisnba says:

    cool M3

  25. BlackLeafSkate says:

    There should really be a movie about this :D

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