Siri Review on the iPhone 4S


Siri is Apple’s new digital personal assistant, found only on the iPhone 4S. Its capabilities are basic, and its ability to understand human interaction is limited. But once Siri can integrate with third party apps plus carry on real-human conversations, its potential will increase hugely.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Siri Review on the iPhone 4S

  1. guyverman says:

    @TheIzabot I don’t care if iP4 is more stable, or even if the S2 had a 3.5″ screen, I’m voting for more widespread/cheaper OLED, with my wallet. Not just because it looks all pretty but because it can do wonders for weight and battery consumption. It’s the next important paradigm for mobile devices. After that is photovoltaic panels with a 1:1 power efficiency(an easier mark to hit with OLED), then finally racetrack/universal memory. Any 3 of these is VERY important shift in mobile construction.

  2. TheIzabot says:

    @guyverman You probably complained about almost anything you could, much like almost every other consumer out there. The iPhone line has always been solid, but recently people haven’t stopped bashing it, even though its not bad by any stretch. Reviewers are far too critical and seem to forget the basic functions of things. Consumers, especially those who use the internet, are far too worried about screen size or cameras. That’s just an example. It happens with almost everything else, too.

  3. guyverman says:

    @blocklandman0815 The fuck did I do?

  4. blocklandman0815 says:

    @guyverman you too fucker

  5. blocklandman0815 says:

    fuck these people these days

  6. guyverman says:

    I love what Apple has done so far with the 4s, I’m just thoroughly disappointed that they have yet to add an OLED display. And this is the only reason I chose the S2 over 4s.

  7. katierox94 says:

    “it could be faster…” WHAT? you are already having a robot doing what u ask and now you feel to criticize it??

  8. 12legolover34 says:

    I got a friend that can afford one but, his mom won’t let him have a better phone than her

  9. iluvuillkillu says:

    Brandon, I ve always been a fan of your reviews. Could you please do a comparison of siri to Android’s speak to it assistant? Siri looks more like an App.

  10. mrsbieberkk says:

    @SimX9000 What in the world are you talking about??

  11. ttreyderr says:

    Dude this phone is awesome

  12. szahn24 says:

    Wasn’t this dude apart of technobuffalo at some point?

  13. ds42694 says:

    this guy is incredibly ungrateful. 1 step at a time

  14. Juggernaut715 says:

    when you think about all siri does it is amzing how fast it is

  15. M3mPHiS says:

    So it’s basically useless? If it is useful you only use it when u’re alone, in the woods, in the toilet?

  16. odsta12 says:

    check out my Channel its better then this i

  17. aKmachin3 says:

    dude what are u talking about? if im in a diner and i wana ask my phone something ill go right ahead and ask?what does having ppl around u have anything to do with it…

  18. SuperSiddhant99 says:

    can i ask u smthn that where did you buy this iphone from?

  19. freakmagicmusic says:

    @PinkMirrorKirby Lmao! You might be right, but seriously Android tech will always be better. Unless Apple goes open-source, which will never happen. If you had ever messed around on a modded out android you would not have made your previous statement. The beauty of open-source is there’s NOTHING I can’t get my phone to do… don’t like my ROM I change it, don’t like the keyboard I get a new one, or I want my phone to be faster I flash a new kernel and overclock the CPU. Yup, It’s that awesome.

  20. PinkMirrorKirby says:

    @freakmagicmusic Clearly you have emotional issues.

  21. freakmagicmusic says:

    @PinkMirrorKirby Bitch you crazy! You know not of what you speak, so keepith thy fair mouth shutith unless you wantest someone to fuckith it!

  22. Dancrof80s says:

    @freakmagicmusic lol

  23. freakmagicmusic says:

    @Dancrof80s That’s the whole point, Duh…

  24. Dancrof80s says:

    @freakmagicmusic i think its funny that your up in your feelings about a cell phone.

  25. PinkMirrorKirby says:

    This technology on Android sucks compared to the iPhone.

    That is true, Apple doesn’t invent stuff, they reinvent stuff.

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