Sept 2010 iPod Event Overview: P3 (iOS Updates & Apple TV)


*HELLO* – So this is the third video in which I give my views and opinions on the latest Apple Event. In this video I talk specifically about the iOS 4.1 & 4.2 and I talk about the new updated Apple TV.


25 Responses to Sept 2010 iPod Event Overview: P3 (iOS Updates & Apple TV)

  1. DRJ0K3R says:

    Finally catch up on YouTube… Anyways, great insight! Are you on Game Center yet?

  2. DRJ0K3R says:

    The irony that as soon as school is about to start, I have more time to fin a

  3. Stefan9k says:

    Is internet really that bad in the UK?
    I got a 10mb connection here in Denmark, really not anything special, and believe it takes 20 minutes or so to download a HD movie from iTunes.

  4. appledabest76 says:

    @DRBUK You’re*

  5. DRBUK says:

    @bugsnbeetles lol ye ye i know, its the way i remember saying it so meh, lol

  6. bugsnbeetles says:

    @DRBUK I sure am. And I know the correct pronunciation, in the UK at least, is eych. Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to help. :)

  7. DRBUK says:

    @bugsnbeetles your aware of different countries, different pronunciations, different teachers teach different etc.

  8. bugsnbeetles says:

    H is pronounced eych, not heych.

  9. iFreak08 says:

    I have a Roku, I love it, in fact I see the Apple TV as a copy of the Roku. Only the Roku is better, it has Amazon video, plus TWiT, Revision3, Netflix, Pandora, flickr, NBA, MLB, UFC. It really is to bad you don’t have it in the UK cause I know you would love it….Oh, and it only cost a hundred dollars, and I’e had it for two years. Al that said, being an Apple fan I will be getting a AppleTV, just not for a while.

  10. doompod says:

    Being able to stream content from my iPhone and iPad to my plasma is the ONLY reason why I would buy an Apple TV. 

  11. doompod says:

    You can record your screen when watching a tv show (like ScreenFlow), can’t you?

  12. sonic10158 says:

    @DRBUK The description for this video and the part 2 video say “So this is the first of a few videos…”

  13. CarbonKid93 says:


  14. CarbonKid93 says:

    There’s one thing I don’t agree on. It will be fairly easy to pirate because think about how easy it wold be to connect a DVD recorder to the apple tv and record it while you watch it. Piracy may be slightly increased but it’s still very much possible

  15. TalesOfWar says:

    Apps wont work on Apple TV, simply because there’s no touch interface, there isn’t even a mouse and keyboard interface, it’s entirely controlled by a remote (or the remote app) which just won’t work with them, unless they make apps specifically for it, but Apple don’t like product fragmentation so I really can’t see this happening. It also adds another store front to support.

  16. Ameeran5 says:

    its comes on the iphone for 4.2 which is in november which is also for the iPad

  17. mikeward1701 says:

    4.2 is coming to All iOS devices.

  18. mrilovemacintosh says:

    I take your point about them keeping the iPad the same..but then again you were complimenting the use of iOS on both the iPad and the iPhone for giving consumers the same experience and therefore limiting their learning curve. I know its a bigger screen, but what features of iOS4 would really be able to utilise that?

  19. boratilike says:

    Totally agree with the iPad os comments. I was so disgusted about the lack of creativity they brought to the iPad. They should have done a 4 finger gesture swipe to bring an expose like menu setting. I’m hoping Multifl0w on the iPad will be perfected so I can use that to do multitasking. It’s vert elegant to use.

  20. Imappleboy says:

    I am still waiting for the next gen iPad so it might have front n back web cam?

  21. renegade8164 says:

    Can you never watch youtube 1080p without waiting to load the video? :O

  22. TechyWaffles23 says:

    @thisithis I’ve been educated xD

  23. eltajo22 says:

    Taking an iPad to class would be great for me. I usually take my macbook and end up on facebook and not paying attention. The iPad allows you to fully focus on taking notes with out the distractions of other things going on in the background of the screen. I wish I could afford one.

  24. thisithis says:

    @TechyWaffles23 720P, about the same as what Apple TV can do. :)

  25. te9055 says:

    @te9055 *apple tv

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