Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S – Boot & Quick Browser Test


The head to head with the 2 biggest titans on the mobile scene.. who will win ?
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25 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S – Boot & Quick Browser Test

  1. hamburgerjk65 says:

    @aristosky Nah i got an Iphone and it takes fucking forever to boot, quite annoying. i like a phone with good boot speed

  2. mkyla09 says:

    glaxy s2 is awesome, proud owner, got mine for the best price possible here bit.lytAAvlp

  3. KoBred1 says:

    Android is a lot more flexible in the sense of its use…
    I feel that my Galaxy S (1) is the best phone i have ever had… better than the iphone… idk about how GALAXY S2 will compare to the new iphone tho

  4. slantblant1 says:

    dude wth, are you a bat or something, geez turn the lights up

  5. aristosky says:

    what’s the point to test the boot speed in a smart phone?(we dont care what is the boot speed my galaxy is always on)

  6. norbert13ful says:

    want 4S? try giveaway >>>

    hurry up!!

  7. bikiniland2 says:

    luuuv your accent

  8. zyeahh says:

    he’s name strongly suggests that he has some connection with Samsung.

  9. schorniflytothesky says:

    the android fanboys have become much more than the applefanboys

  10. BLKMAGG09 says:

    never is android better please tell me how

  11. youhan1234567 says:

    android is better then iphone period.

  12. TheMehhh77 says:

    Thumbs up if you think that the iPhone is better than is Galaxy S2 :D

  13. DC85C says:

    надо было яркость экранов еще убавить

  14. thalesgbarbosa says:

    iphone 4s is better than galaxy s2

  15. iclone98 says:

    Thumbs up if u think that iphone 4s is better than the Galaxy S2

  16. 0kay3 says:

    You don’t have to zoom in… Just increase the fucking brightness. Wouldn’t hurt your eyes mate.

  17. hello2ew says:


  18. Bobbylordify says:

    Iphone is as dead as its guru :-Q

  19. MarcinG1112 says:

    Thumbs up if u think that the Iphone 4s is better than Galaxy S2:D

  20. Limonad96 says:

    Both are awesome phones, i just don’t like android…

  21. iamtofuboy says:

    Dude the galaxy s2 had flash on. The iPhone can eat its dust.

  22. 11ledzepp says:

    personally, i believe apple is actually its brand not the product. “personally”, i repeat.

  23. bradcamaro17 says:

    @TheXosphere yeah thats kinda a pain in the ass when you want apps on your phone though. however im sure there is an easy way to change this. i know this is unrelated but my buddy just bought a brand new HTC and in the first week he ran out of room on his phone, what kind of user experience is that? what the fuck are they thinking, htc is fucked! hopefully you can fix it easier on the GS2 than on his phone!

  24. Elbanditcasanova says:

    @MovieTrailerization Thumbs up if u think that Iphone 4s is better than the Galaxy S2:D

  25. PenutButerNdJely says:

    lol he was already adjusting the brightness on the s2 while the iphone was still booting XD

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