Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4S “AT&T Face Off”


Today’s Face Off pits the two most popular smartphones on the planet head to head. Check it out and pick a winner!


25 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4S “AT&T Face Off”

  1. judorican973 says:

    iPhone 4s sucks!!’!

  2. sir1bmw says:

    We tested the AT&T iPhone´╗┐ 4s & Tmobile htc amaze in 5 days and we returned the iPhone 4s because htc amaze is more faster in opening applications, camera is better, Internet is way faster, the quality of the body-materials is great and gingerbread with htc sense is much better than iOS5…


  3. VisionNinja says:

    @cocopara14 Also Korea has the best 4G LTE in the world! :o

  4. fueledbymusic3 says:

    Basically the same. But I like the idea that I CAN add a SD card in the galaxy.

  5. alys951 says:

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  6. jakeburns2012 says:

    don’t fall all over the place, you asshole!!!!!

  7. UKMTech says:

    at&t is like gadaffi. you cant change to another network (prime minister)

  8. Zoehollows says:

    for maps , iphone was faster.

  9. itsyingnotyang says:

    I don’t understand why people are thrown off knowing that SGSII is built using plastic materials. When you drop an iPhone on cement , its a guaranteed cracked screen/back because theyre made from glass. It’s a waste of money trying to get it replaced whereas in the SGSII durability isnt a problem since its made out of Gorilla Glass (a material that helps prevent scratch marks and cracks) and a decent plastic structure.

  10. cocopara14 says:


    Apple has not won anything yet, Apples’ lawsuit is based off of a system that shouldn’t exist. Community Design and Design patents are so ridicilous it’s retarded. You do realise that a person in Australia has patented the Wheel?, and that he can in theory sue every car company in the world selling shit in Australia because they INFRINGE on HIS TECHNOLOGY?, that he “INVENTED” 5 years ago, aka a round object used for travelling?.

    Plastic is the best build material dumbass.

  11. cocopara14 says:


    They can?, I wouldn’t know. APple doesn’t have any good patents, their litigations aka lawsuits are based off of Community Design, it is a none patent and a system Apple EXPLOITED. Apple doesn’t INNOVATE, EVER

    Samsung is the world leading in Flash technology, without samsung you would not have a Smartphone, A SSD, DDR 3 RAM. Samsung is the worlds second most innovative tech company after IBM. Apple is like #35th

  12. cocopara14 says:


    How is it ripping the consumer?.

    It has better specs then the iPhone 4S, better display, the devices costs more to make then the iPhone 4S, and it is cheaper. APple is ripping YOU off my friend, Samsung is competetively priced, and even cheaper then shitty HTC

  13. cocopara14 says:


    Shit country?, Korea and Japan is the home country for some of the worlds most innovative companies in tech. There is nearly only Japanese and Korean tech in iPhone 4S. They have far better education and hospitals then in shitty America that doesn’t know shit “Zomg lets spend 30000 billion on a space program and do the same as the Russian did with 10 billion!!)

  14. ericdarksky says:


  15. ericdarksky says:

    @cocopara14 Ripping off costumers? THE SAMSHIT GS2 IS RIPPING COSTUMERS OFF.

  16. ericdarksky says:

    @cocopara14 Yes we would IDIOT (APPLE DUMBASS)!

  17. ericdarksky says:

    @cocopara14 The iPhone/iPad will never fail. Look how the iPad is helping autism kids. IS THE GALAXY TAB DOING THAT? NO FUCKING RETARD. Look at how many buisness people have the iPhone 4/4S. Not the GS2.

  18. ericdarksky says:

    @cocopara14 Actuallty Apple can sue the shit out of Samshit because samshit never knows what they’re doing.

  19. ericdarksky says:

    @cocopara14 SAMSUNG IS SHIT COMPARED TO APPPLE! Stfu, you don’t even know how many patents Apple won. The iPhone 4S is not a square shit. YOUR GS2 SHUT PHONE PLASTIC PIECE OF SHIT IS THE WORST SHUT EVER.

  20. ManuElite88 says:


  21. android4lifer says:

    Craig is bias against iphone because he owns a Euro version Galaxy s2…. rofl.

  22. cocopara14 says:


    Apple can’t really sue Samsung, but they are doing it with bogus patents that will be rejected.

    Sharp is quite a big supplier of LCD and OLED displays to companies in Asia, Samsung does have a giant portefolio of high quality patents, and owns quite a few OLED patents that it could threaten competition. Though if you knew shit about Asia you would know that they holds a higher standard to the likes of APple.

    Also mention one thing that Samsung has copied from APPLE, ONE THING

  23. cocopara14 says:


    MarketCap is not a true representation of a companies worth. One must take into account the gigantic patent portofolia of Samsung, + the fascilities that Samsung ownes.

    Marketcap measures the company’s worth by itself, but forgets to take into account facilities, current contracts with other companies and patent portefolio.

    Also you say Samsung copies Apple, then why are they openeing the worlds most advanced 22nm flash factory soon, tell me?, Samsung isn’t copying, Apple is.

  24. cocopara14 says:


    Samsung’s university is world leading within it’s field. It may not be a university but it is a educational institution with world class equipment, go look up “Samsung Education, or Samsung university”

    Apple doesn’t really dominate anything, Samsung dominates it all, what would have happened if Samsung didnt sign a contract with Apple?. They would sell to others but there is no single manufacterer in the world that makes the SOC and Nand storage as good as Samsung.

  25. Jospehporta says:

    @cocopara14 “Samsungs biggest competitor can be sued to infinity, however Samsung chooses not to, they are in fact working with Sharp for the next gen technologies”

    Buddy you really are mentally challenged. How the fuck do you they could sue Sharp. Just making up more bullshit as usual. MORON.

    Kid argue with someone else who might believe your crap and think you’re somehow informed. I suggest arguing with a 5 year old, more your level.

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