Get it on iTunes! – SHIRTS! – Slap Bracelets! http Posters! Fans! Daily Vlogs: TobyGames! Twitter! Dailybooth! Animated by GonzoSSm – Guitar & Drums by Terabrite – Lyrics/Vocals by Toby Turner. Look at little Tim Tim, sleeping so soundly. WAKE UP TIMMY, WHAT IF THERE’S A MONSTER?! Don’t be scared, Timmy, or he’ll eat you. Monsters smell fear. Lucky for you, I got a SAFETY TORCH! Put it on your porch, make a SAFETY PORCH! Put it in the hallway. SAFETY TORCH! Scare the monsters away. SAFETY TORCH! That’ll be 50 bucks. But my house is on fire. Tim Tim, things are looking grim grim, But lucky for you you, I have come with a solution! It’s your lucky day! SAFETY WATER! Put it in a bucket. SAFETY WATER! Pour it on the fire! SAFETY WATER! Maybe make a bubble bath. SAFETY WATER! First one’s on the house. Ha ha ha. I see what you did there. First one’s on the house. Ha ha ha, yeah. Just the first one though, but it took quite a few, so those, plus all the safety torches. No! So that’ll be… let’s just call it… 500 bucks. I don’t have 500 bucks! Oh, that’s fine! I’ll bill your parents. NO! Thanks for your time, go on back to sleep. Have a good night. My parents are gonna kill me. ANIMATED TOBUSCUS – SAFETY TORCH!! Tags: ANIMATED TOBUSCUS SAFETY TORCH toby turner song nugget in biscuit animation cartoon music video minecraft
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Want to become a Piano Guys founder? Click link for all the exciting details Be first to receive our Limited Edition PianoGuys album! (YouTube Hits Vol. 1) here: Download on iTunes here Download on here: We’re on Facebook now!! :) Don’t forget to add our Twitter! :) It was impossible to turn down an invitation from one of our fans (Brad and Andrea Harker) to visit a private race track in the middle of the Nevada desert just outside of Las Vegas. We took our cameras with us and a new tune that we created just for the occasion. Thanks to a number of subscribers for the suggestion to remake this epic classical piece by Carl Orff! It was one of three possibilities we were considering when writing with the race track in mind. In the end it was no contest; especially when we read the English transition of the Latin lyrics in the piece — which speak of fate like a “wheel” and a “driving force!” Our version of O Fortuna was so much fun to create that it was done in a matter of three days (we couldn’t let ourselves do anything else until it was finished). It consists of 6 piano tracks, 43 acoustic cello tracks, 3 percussion tracks, and 48 vocal tracks. A special thanks to Orin Harker (He owns the white car) , along with his wife Val, who hosted us, gave us all the ride of our lives, and taught us about the coolness of Radical Racing! They definitely went the
Video Rating: 4 / 5


48 Responses to SAFETY TORCH!!

  1. MadnessOfMankind says:

    @lucazzz189 Maybe it’s a metaphor :D

  2. DeusExMachina130 says:

    Only Toby can break into someones house, scare a kid into buying torches, almost burn down the kids house with the torches, sell the kid water and make a bubble bath with him, and not get arrested. Such is the power of Tobuscus! :)

  3. singlegal666 says:

    this makes me want to cry…

  4. savage094 says:

    Anyone else notice the first monster saying “SUP TOBY”?

  5. HookshotvsClawshot says:

    @rikuxh well it seems to be an effective business strategy seeing as he got 500 bucks out of it

  6. deamon3321 says:

    635 people don”t have 500 bucks

  7. POTTY12345678910 says:

    napidlalkjiij pooiweu nidsgager hhgqhg hahryauiuer,

  8. AntiVaccine2 says:

    @lucazzz189 see my vids&learn herbs like coriander,kelp,kale,dandelion,dock,dill,reishi ETC :D

  9. XxMrNewsComedyxX says:

    @rikuxh remove the “am not hating on his creativity but hey that’s what it is!” and i wpouldve thumbed you up

  10. wearefattys says:

    i love how hes stomping his feet

  11. DaGhostProtocol says:

    For Zune mp3 players and windows phones, safety torch is on zune

  12. rikuxh says:

    hey haven’t anyone noticed what is he doing in a lil boy’s room watching him sleep through the door that’s creepy am not hating on his creativity but hey that’s what it is!

  13. DTNBxG1ngy says:

    @lucazzz189 and the safety water

  14. gladiatorgodclassic1 says:

    @lucazzz189 i think he pulled it out of his back pocket

  15. IceCrash279 says:

    Make a nother

  16. shadowmasterdot117 says:

    i sing this in the shower

  17. MegaSalah1234 says:

    Best part 0:27 to 0:43

  18. ANTHONY35700 says:

    Look at little timtim sleeping so soundly.. WAKE UP TIM TIM

    I lol’ed

  19. GreenNova790 says:

    How do I know this is based off MINECRAFT?

  20. accountnameism547 says:

    I jus noticed that ‘Buscus is in a bathtub with a small child…


  21. mulliganman29 says:

    It’s your lucky day!!

  22. Newgrounder213 says:

    He made 500 bucks from 1 minute of random crap.

  23. NadrojH says:

    We all know the monster says “sup toby”
    Stop begging for thumbs up

    If this gets top comment, then all of you are stupid

  24. iTheGeek says:

    Those radicals are sexy as hell :O

  25. guymonvideo says:

    You folks are incredibly talented.  Thanks for sharing.

  26. solynette1 says:

    @ThePianoGuys: Is this an extract from The Mass by Era?

  27. leonpacifist1988 says:

    this is just like the opening of Gran Turismo game!!!

  28. waterpimpernell says:

    requiem for a dream. would be awsome please please do it we love all your music but that wow it would be the best :]

  29. clueless395slayer says:


  30. HappyBanannie says:

    Even my parrot was inspired by this. :) Super!

  31. u3qDorrough says:

    Dope! Love it!

  32. do0wer says:

    i’ve never heard anything as splendid as this…it’s…it’s orgasmic!!!!

  33. RAurelian says:

    @ThundurScore Indeed

  34. Davionious says:

    This one belongs in the Top Gear DB9 fridge….or maybe DB9s aren’t that cool……

  35. Misc94 says:

    Whats the name of the song that they are doing? Thank you!

  36. sobershock says:


  37. amilisom says:

    I was disappointed that they didn’t play while traveling at 180 MPH

  38. htippetts says:

    @mervinxd me too!

  39. trasher78490 says:

    I love it! Simply amazing, keep it up.

  40. mervinxd says:

    I would really much like to hear Lord of the Rings.
    like this comment so they can see it :)

  41. mirgiyos says:

    As an auto-motor sport enthusiast I LOVED this video! Great work guyz!

  42. SethFknB777 says:

    That chello man Loves music. He puts SO much inthusiasm into his performance and it makes for a great addrinaline rush of passion for music. Anyone else agree?

  43. Basti5792 says:

    This soundtrack should be in need for speed: shift 2!
    The Radical is the best car ever!!!

  44. sarandeir says:

    @ThundurScore I wish I could click like a hundred times on this!!!!

  45. MichaelThe89thKey says:

    seriously…i was watching one of their other videos earlier and thinking “wow they have everything i love except cars…” –needless to say my life is complete now.

  46. createsparks says:

    I really like this but unfortunately, I still think the Honda NSX - tribute to Senna video still tops when it comes to heart stopping moments – track; both music and road :) But good job :))

  47. jtjj1234 says:

    If you guys ever perform, I’ll be there man.

  48. DJgepsy says:

    This is freaking amazing..

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