Rumor Roundup: Apple Taking on TV, and TouchPads Won’t Die!


Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! Is Apple looking to do to TV what they’ve already done to music? And why won’t the HP TouchPad go away? Find out in this exciting episode of Rumor Round Up!
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25 Responses to Rumor Roundup: Apple Taking on TV, and TouchPads Won’t Die!

  1. warlockboyburns says:

    apple television… big deal

  2. MrHidiki says:

    of apple doest that its gonna be bulshit

  3. XxESKIMOxX says:

    @Tech2Tuts That’s not innovation that’s just better improvement on hardware… coming out…. creating something new and improving something is different. I’m not saying Samsung is bad. I’m saying they aren’t setting a trend when it comes to mobile war. They are following it.

  4. Tech2Tuts says:

    @XxESKIMOxX Samsung takes what apple does and makes it better, look at the smartphone war, what can the Iphone 5 put to the table that the Samsung galaxy S2 is lacking? Yeah a better screen pixel density but nothing else, the GS2 has been out months aswell (Europe). If you want to see an innovation coming from samsung that will shadow the apple iphone that will be the nexus prime.

  5. XxESKIMOxX says:

    @Rayz093 i have a touchpad. i do very well like the webos but the only thing really setting it back is the lack of HD APPs, and the notification for emails and stuff is slow and it’s also a little buggy..

  6. XxESKIMOxX says:

    I can’t wait for samsung to create new a device that will start the craze, I haven’t seen one yet. every competitor to apple is just a bunch of band wagoners to apple. ipod – mp3 war. iphone first true smart phone, the g1 yeah right p.o.s, ipad, everyone made fun of it now look and function and now look at all the competitors… playing the catch up game. samsung galaxy tablet is the a “bigger version of” Samsung Galaxy S WiFi. Android is a great os but no new hardware innovation.

  7. 6satan6ist6 says:

    do u guys ever make a video that isn’t half an hour long?

  8. cokicro says:

    what about htc sense 3.5

  9. Tech2Tuts says:

    Cant wait to see samsung sue apple for copying the design of a T.v just like apple did with the smartphone/tablets.

  10. Rayz093 says:

    @Rayz093 can’t believe i bought my sgs2 for 700$ =w=

  11. Rayz093 says:

    429$ expensive, 99$ for a tablet that does as much as ipad 2, definitely a yes to buy

  12. MrMeBeDaniel says:

    that tv will be sooo overpriced

  13. VigilentDreams says:

    If that last think Noah did became a segment on Rev3 llike just a 5 minute clip of him doing that I would just sit, watch it, and lmfao!

  14. texal says:

    people bought touchpads at $99-149 because of the price not the item.

  15. M3Sixty says:

    I am soooooooo high.

  16. nosense82 says:

    I could imagine Apple not putting AV or component ports on their TV, only HDMI because “IT’S OUTDATED”. So if I’m feeling nostalgic and wanna watch something on my VCR or play my Nintendo 64, too bad! Seriously the thing that’s pissed me off with OS X Lion is the lack of PowerPC support. Some applications aren’t supported anymore so are completely unusable now…

  17. elisha311 says:

    People bought the touch pad because people on xda are porting Android to it….

  18. UsmanAndTheOthers says:

    i hope the tv’s arent white

  19. banditoxviii says:

    Hp will come back…but not with there crappy os. >.> android will replace

  20. banditoxviii says:

    microsoft should make a kinect t.v…

  21. Zuxicovp1 says:

    Noah sure likes to tell us that apple wants to get into our bedrooms…

  22. handsomesohan says:

    I knew it! HP is going to make more TouchPads! Sweet!

  23. devindaniell says:

    Noah, I like these videos but they’re just too long.

  24. legendsveil says:

    Wtf?? What’s wrong with apple Like , Fucking Slow Down !!! , Your just throwing Your crap infront of Our Faces !

  25. NewAppleNews says:

    this actually sounds like a news cast. i love it!

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