Review: HornetTek Vader Case for iPhone 4S


Review: HornetTek Vader Case for iPhone 4S Save
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to Review: HornetTek Vader Case for iPhone 4S

  1. theshiz52 says:

    i got gold cause I’m a G!!!!

  2. nathan187dogg says:

    Go lions kick ass in the big easy! !!!!!!

  3. chinchilla1717171717 says:


  4. DotsProductions says:

    This is disgusting!!!!!!!! 79.99!!!!!!

  5. applefan1997 says:

    Can u use a screen protector while this is on

  6. AngryBirdsMedia says:

    I got this for christmas

  7. MrKevinRutayomba says:

    And then we got gold for the G’s.

  8. captivatation says:

    Just ordered one in gold for my white 4s…

    Can’t wait

  9. SmittyPrOdUcTiOnZ says:

    What happened to the giveaway for it?

  10. MultiJuiceHead says:

    Is the black version kinda like a grey?

  11. Gerard9729 says:

    How is your signal with this case?

  12. pstozohva4en says:

    will you sell it to me for 40$?

  13. CamelRambo says:

    @rapitaroundurfingerz Or 70 mcdoubles

  14. theenigmajeffhardy1 says:

    Will this protect my phone from in the event of a fall?

  15. IrishAssassin83 says:

    Dude, you forgot to mention this piece of shit case kills your signal!!!

  16. MKitFan says:

    why you delete this video?

  17. amh1007 says:

    That is cool :)

  18. TheKevinbrockett says:

    will beats by dre pro fit with this case on?

  19. MrSparten123 says:

    @tldtoday Do you lose reception when using this case because its made of metal?

  20. TechTalkWithJabari says:


  21. mrsniper says:

    Damns that case looks sick!!!

  22. scragftw says:

    @TheSuperMegaHyper You mean it’s a product made by apple, thus it’s going to be a high price tag ;)

  23. CLEVERusername1231 says:

    @TheSuperMegaHyper aluminum dosent cost that much

  24. ryan132008 says:

    Look at the top two comments. Back to mine. Back to the top two. Now back to mine. Sadly, they aren’t mine. But if you stopped handing out thumbs up so freely, they could LOOK like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? Watching in awe as this comment gains thumbs up. look down, now back up. I have it, the ability to gain thumbs up by posting something so simple-minded. Look again, people copying and pasting my comment to other videos.
    Anything is possible on YouTube. I’m on a PC

  25. scourgeee24 says:

    ipod touch 4g white review?

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