Re: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test


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23 Responses to Re: iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

  1. cizdeved says:

    Why is the arrow pointing at her tits they’re small.

  2. norbert13able says:

    want 4S? try giveaway >>>

    hurry up!!

  3. aibel99 says:

    So who wins? apple or iphone?

  4. aibel99 says:


  5. MinecraftLooneys says:

    Simple solution = don’t drop them.

  6. skippy62able says:

    for some reason you are hot

  7. wildturkey11001 says:

    @dirtypottertube ooo your cool cause you callled somebody a hick..hahahaaa…

  8. rubenqaqas says:

    ill stay with my galaxy s2 :)

  9. warex3d says:

    Thumbs up if u come here to see some tits.

  10. LuciferMaisonJaay says:

    i like my Nokia N900

  11. dabien1O1 says:

    @MrAhmedIv I hope your kidding..

  12. MrAhmedIv says:

    thumps it up if you entered to see the girl :D

  13. TheQuick64 says:

    I have a shitty outdated blackberry curve!!!-.-

  14. Aws0medude17 says:


  15. dinopeda says:

    I GOT IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. dirtypottertube says:

    shut the fuck up hick

  17. TheSwissGuy1 says:

    @Spike1x4 You have no idea what a fact is… that is a fact.

  18. ninetaledj says:

    sixth! but it doesn’t matter because there won’t be many commenters anyway :(

    Galaxy ftw

  19. demo908 says:

    aww i was the 3rd :/

  20. demo908 says:

    2nd person to comment yay. After watching the video i realized how out dated my nokia mobile is -.-

  21. Spike1x4 says:

    Apple is shit. Fact. 

  22. AllasMC says:


  23. AllasMC says:


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