Re: Banned iPhone 4S Promo



Banned iPhone 4S Promo This video Banned iPhone 4S Promo made me want to make a different parody from everyone else.


25 Responses to Re: Banned iPhone 4S Promo

  1. 1riham1 says:

    Go fuck your self stupid bitch ;)

  2. 1riham1 says:

    Go fuck your self stupid bitch ;)

  3. sammywhythim777 says:

    I actually enjoyed it :) you guys cant even take a joke? loosen up people!

  4. amoises8 says:

    That’s not a Samsung 500

  5. mortimerr2011 says:

    its pointless to make youtube vids when you could be a pornstar..

  6. CharlaStinnette says:

    Hurry People, new CEO of apple is shipping out all old iphone/ipad models at no cost

    Not a joke, this is real, go to the NR page:

  7. ChloeeVlogs says:

    I thought this was funny.

  8. TheTillinger123 says:

    channel should be named MeganSucksAtMakingVideos
    fuck you for this shit get off from yt lame bitch

  9. nblaze0 says:

    her accent is annoying but her tits are nice to look at

  10. TheTornadoProduction says:

    Still better than iPhone

  11. liquidfire411 says:

    Why is she not in the kitchen?

  12. AppleReeviewws says:

    How was this an iphone promo? Anyways this was funny though

  13. Aviat92 says:

    failedt at being funny

  14. 1992pv says:


  15. xXphilipcuiXx says:

    lol, that was a funny vid

  16. MrRapBeast says:

    so stupid bitch don’t buy the fucking samsung 500-crap-o-phone in case you idiotic pice of shit don’t know if you pay as much as an iphone 4s you can get an samsung note cell instead but do you really stop to think that you are STUPID for buying a cheap phone??

  17. loveundertherain says:

    silent hill

  18. atulier says:

    stop making youtube videos.. start making youporn videos :)

  19. DarkxMan90 says:

    …your comparing a shit texting phone you got for free with your contact to the I phone…. Your retarted.

  20. rocktheworld955 says:


  21. seamoose141 says:

    Your so ugly and your voice is so annoying!

  22. fernandopox says:

    how thick are ur vagina lips?

  23. rossyallen2 says:

    if i were this girl i would be mentally unstable due to the amount of creepy neck beards that want to molest her

  24. pinonoir302 says:

    So Samsung made a”smart phone” shitty as the iPhone 4GS … but the iPhone is more expensive, so its a double fuck!.

  25. MrDannyVass says:


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