Post Steve Jobs: Apple’s next chapter begins


TECH 24 – Apple embarks on a new chapter in its storied history as its founder and chief creative visionary Steve Jobs formally stepped aside due to his declining health. Although long expected, the announcement still came as a surprise to many, especially on Wall Street where the company’s stock lost over 5% of its value. Now, a week later, Tech 24 looks ahead to Apple’s future without Steve Jobs.

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35 Responses to Post Steve Jobs: Apple’s next chapter begins

  1. OhDangJason says:

    @bloodsuckern ‘
    no im not its called the turth

  2. bloodsuckern says:

    @OhDangJason are you fucking retarded :|

  3. macknwaw says:

    Go to for an iPhone 4s giveaway xD

  4. OhDangJason says:

    …Steve Jobs gave his company 4 years of ideas, u fucking idiot tech 24 tv show. Learn the internet.

  5. burnstagger says:

    As long as Ive remains, and Cook doesn’t ship all the jobs to India, they will make it….

  6. Innate2005 says:

    Definitely a sad day in the tech world.

    Even if you don’t like Apple products you have to give credit to a guy who started out dead broke getting free meals at a church in college and became one of the richest in the world. The guy was the definition of winning at life.

  7. BoomHeadSh0tZz says:

    R.I.P Steve jobs

  8. roruelas says:

    she is anooooooing

  9. djghostonthewheels says:

    Punjabidarklord10: you make no sense , there’s no way you could know that

  10. punjabidarklord10 says:

    thats not iphone 5 and its called ipad hd not ipad 3!!!!!!!!! get the facts right!!!

  11. INTERVENTI0Nmw2 says:

    just noticed that the world can end if people all of a sudden died by anything like or some shit then who else will be created???

  12. Fantabulous10121 says:

    I”M LISTENING TO THIS… Right now. Right here. And why? Because I love it? DUH. But, no, I’m listening to this because I wanna dance… Do I look good dancin’? No. I look like a weird fool jumping around the room. :)

  13. Fantabulous10121 says:

    @bbwonder11 Haha, so far, that is as original as it gets!!!! Did you make that up??? Creative :)

  14. Th3Cannabl3s says:

    @Gooperization Just described my uncle……..

  15. Th3Cannabl3s says:

    @bbwonder11 Can almost guarantee there wont be a Youtube cuz all these lame azz songs. I wish youtube was just for these type of songs!

  16. imaswannyboy says:


  17. bbwonder11 says:

    @GLHismybuddie thanks :) i hate people who copy other people and hope for top comments! the whole point of a top comment is to have originality :) thank you alot

  18. Gooperization says:

    Iclone and Istone… I stone: Meaning you get stoned. I clone: Meaning that you cloned the stones… Jeese what kind of stones did you think i was talking about?

  19. soccerchick155213 says:

    everybody got a istone..WELL I GOTA IDROID!! :P

  20. partyrockerrosales says:

    @TheCheerleader606 so its still good

  21. GLHismybuddie says:

    @bbwonder11 i love your originality of this comment i dont like them anymore cause their all the same and its dumb but urs isnt thumbs up for job for orginality not just a funny comment :)

  22. TheCheerleader606 says:


  23. ellimo267 says:


  24. bbwonder11 says:

    @JulciiaOfficial SHUSH UP! idk im trying not to be like everybody else! u can be as unoriginal as u want but im trying to be original so shush up! and if im an idiot then why to 63 people already like my comment if i posted it one day ago?? exaclty!

  25. RawrCookieEatsChu says:

    I like how both of the top comments are so unorginal.

    How ironic would it be if this were the top comment?

  26. SoccerChickSwagga says:

    Nobody listens to music in their own time anymore… does using a time machine make music sound better to y’all?? xD

  27. mrsraddliffe says:

    a load of guys all dancing to this in unison best day of my life!

  28. grlygirl52 says:

    No I am not listening to this in 2011 or 500 bc im listening to it in 5000 with the internet chip implanted to my brain :D

  29. JulciiaOfficial says:

    @bbwonder11 you idiot… it’s 500BC, not 4015

  30. 789shima says:

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  31. RawrImmaEatYa says:

    I used to have an album with just this song on it too..

  32. RawrImmaEatYa says:

    I used to love this song but now it just ok.

  33. innitdoh7 says:

    50 people werent lokking at “her”….

  34. innitdoh7 says:

    isnt this song called low

  35. 4evergonnaluv says:

    used 2 dance 2 this all the time lol.!

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