New: Apple IPAD 2 “announced”


The new Apple ipad 2 has been announced… Same price’s as the 1st one and alot faster.. Unboxing coming soon.. Please check out my channel for my latest giveaway.. Thanks for all your support guys..
Video Rating: 3 / 5

OUT NOW ON MUSICAL FREEDOM! USA: CANADA: UK: Check your iTunes store for availability!


29 Responses to New: Apple IPAD 2 “announced”

  1. p4t4rs says:

    How do they fit so much power in to something so thin???? looks great,,

  2. PetesTechChannel says:

    @Sn1p3Sh0t54 no prob… thanks for watching

  3. Sn1p3Sh0t54 says:

    Thanks for the info u just made my day!!

  4. Sn1p3Sh0t54 says:

    Awesome video thanks for all the info u just made my day!

  5. skylinegtrproto2008 says:

    The Netherlands has the best DJ’s!

  6. lukassodaivaldo says:


  7. SamLim1391 says:

    girl in the pink and blank is SExyy as fuckkkkk

  8. Demoname666 says:

    replay replay replay…..

  9. tr0n001 says:

    Does anyone else say CMON after every break??

  10. oddfuturedude says:

    Tiesto at EDC ! that night will always be unforgetable (:

  11. Yoursuchajackass says:


  12. 0795greg1 says:

    is that at edc?

  13. wardaddy99 says:

    Dutch <3

  14. iko155 says:


  15. NordicHouseBrothers says:

    NEW DEMO!!!

  16. wowkocka88 says:

    An endless version is needed! :D

  17. youcubicle says:

    TIESTO! Still doin it BIG.

  18. Foxysama87 says:

    this song makes me in TRANCE !!
    Tiësto > all

  19. joelavalo says:


  20. xDJxT0B1x says:


  21. ZyphurMedia says:

    Who wants to pool some money together and go to this? Right now! lol

  22. blkhwk303 says:

    SO SICK!!!

  23. GasMaxDJ says:


  24. Caska4 says:


  25. Drumfire1000 says:

    too good to be Reality :)

  26. 59Eye says:

    The girl at 3:40 o.O

  27. Monthix says:


  28. slouguii says:

    @DeejayGN 1706 like! OMG!

  29. acamladenovic94 says:

    Too good to be true!!!

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