MLP Fighting is Magic – Applejack Stage Theme


Here’s the BGM for Applejacks Sweet Apple Acres stage from the Mane6 Game ‘Fighting is Magic’. AJ Theme Download link Written and performed by RainbowCrash88, violin by Anne Marvelly. The lead melody and inspiration for this track is from ‘Winter Wrap Up’ by Daniel Ingram, go support him! I can’t wait to share these themes with everypony!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to MLP Fighting is Magic – Applejack Stage Theme

  1. IncapableLP says:

    I dunno what’s cooler…this one or the song it’s inspired by…Winter Wrap Up is IMHO the best MLP-Song!

  2. amadams100 says:

    @Percival917 takes a while to think and make them i guess they already had these ones planned out

  3. BenMarcWilliams says:

    I came.

  4. LAD170 says:

    lol everyones saying the same crap. “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” but if it wasnt free everyone would cry like a bitch

  5. Wolvesrain42 says:

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY…wait…dammit…

  6. ImTheGreenTie says:

    Why I can’t find musicians with THIS talent for my games? -.-

  7. Percival917 says:

    Why the fuck are there only 2 themes from this game out?

  8. Unexard says:

    @FeNiXwOnG951 They can’t make people pay for it or they’ll have copyright infrigment on their asses

  9. FeNiXwOnG951 says:

    >Before MLP: Figthing is magic = SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
    >MLP: Figthing is magic is not free = *everypony rages about it*

  10. SmashMaster83 says:


  11. MrFreakinout2 says:

    Applejack fatality

  12. thisismyname1920 says:

    I am commander shepard, and this is my favorite song on the citadel.

  13. xXchocolate1997Xx says:


  14. GiygasLittleHelper says:

    Someone has to see if this theme goes with everything aswell…

  15. Randomlamppost says:

    @alkaviri Sorry, it seems my friend was using my account when this was posted, so just pretend that my earlier post and Tediousturkey’s are from the same guy.

  16. jekblom123 says:

    aj is guile

  17. cdmaster35 says:

    @treemaniscool Fry: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  18. UrLocalBum says:

    Dude I didn’t realize until now that this was off of a game. But i just watched the gameplay preview you had on your website. Holy shit. This game looks amazing. I would happily walk into any store and buy this without even thinking twice.

  19. ThatsBryn says:

    well done, you win the internet.

  20. snookigirl34 says:

    i want this game for reasons

  21. HerrFrittenpapst says:

    @Ecrada haha, I just said that because of this awesome music ;D

  22. MetalSonic150 says:

    If only they could release this game on Steam….
    Make it happen, Mane6 and Valve!
    I’m throwing all of my money at the screen, but nothing is happening!

  23. Ecrada says:

    @HerrFrittenpapst That wouldn’t really unlock the game’s full potential, now would it?

  24. w00tzful says:

    applebloom= i want it NOOOWWWW

  25. HerrFrittenpapst says:

    If the game is released, I will only fight at Sweet Apple Acres *__*

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