Last Minute Rumors: January 27th Apple Event

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22 Responses to Last Minute Rumors: January 27th Apple Event

  1. BLZR52 says:

    Great video & awesome intro.

  2. patten08 says:

    Where is OS 4.0.

  3. techentertaintment says:

    Dude that was the best intro ever! nice vid man LOL!

  4. swoosh1195 says:

    it sucks cuz they didnt come out with 4.0, i was more excited about the 4.0 than the tablet, but whatever, the tablets pretty cool i guess, i might get it whenever it comes out

  5. Jmoncada88 says:

    Don’t laugh at this! Just do it
    Start thinking something you reallyreally want
    cause this is
    astounding the person that sent this to me
    said their wish came true . . 10
    mins after they read the mail so I thought
    what the heck
    You have just been visited by DrSuess’s Cat
    in the. Hat He will grant 
    one wish
    Make your wish when the count down is over
    make a wish
    Send. This to 10 videos within the hour you
    read this Your wish will come true.

  6. JonasLove27886 says:

    Heard bout the iPad??? Nice!

  7. YouriPodHome says:

    nice chair. lol

  8. iiNFrozenfury says:

    Look at his face at 4:45 rofl

  9. Huhtikuu4 says:

    @saiisthebest delete u’re comments. B/c i’ll get rid of mine. Never eat a burger. That TRANS FAT will get u a cardiac arrest. No need to be so mean.

  10. saiisthebest says:

    @Huhtikuu4 Cool,
    Drop out.
    Have fun with your life working at burger king.

  11. marquesbrownlee says:

    Damn I get a day and a half to 2 days out of my DROID with heavy usage lol

    You’re basically wishing for Android on the iPhone, eh?

  12. saiisthebest says:

    @Huhtikuu4 It’s clear you don’t go to school, You can’t even make sense.

  13. b00nsmoviesss says:


  14. TheiPodTouchKid2g says:

    nice vid man

  15. Apeman1991 says:

    cool man

  16. RyansTechTalk says:

    Its gonna be a iphone os it was confirmed by mcgraw-hill CEO on cnn check out mac rumors

  17. wickedlasers says:

    lol most of the features you talk about as possibilities in the rumoured os 4 can be done if you’re jailbroken

  18. Tokiopopski says:


  19. sardo97 says:

    “hi im steve jobs, im proud to announce the new ipc” haha im bored and also i think they will resale some random thing and not the islate

  20. DavinDaGeek says:

    I want an icrap.

  21. SuperG838 says:


  22. MacManLtd says:

    me too, and I’m sure millions of other people

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