iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4 (Commercial Parody)




25 Responses to iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4 (Commercial Parody)

  1. kmwick937 says:

    i am a banana:)

  2. chaukevin456 says:

    i am a dick

  3. hoovergaming says:

    mr chow as a young man

  4. Mrawesomeball says:

    i am still a virgin

  5. JeroSystems says:

    Steve Jobs was an asshole, a massive douchebag who ripped off ideas of other people and claimed ownership of them. Apple fan boys are the most retarded people I’ve ever known or heard about

  6. boriblue12 says:

    I love app store, but Androids are cool

  7. lazysongbrunomars says:

    Why do U always Have On Glasses ???

  8. minki678cutie says:

    ” I am huka puka form Wonderland “

  9. idklora says:

    i am bored

  10. gindyganda says:

    “I am ugly”

  11. YourChannelXtream says:


  12. LiyuLuo says:

    i am still a fan

  13. StealthyNinja71 says:

    I Am Ur Mom

  14. caocass says:

    chink but i am 1 too lol

  15. MrBuffdaddy1 says:

    I’m a Peter Chao

  16. linsalmon says:

    I’m a sushi addict

  17. wtpcss says:

    im a banana :O

  18. Sirachoimai says:

    Apple and new? MUST BUY!! lol

  19. Theadamman1 says:


  20. ugenekozar1 says:

    i am am chily rainbow docking butt pirater

  21. kmwick937 says:

    i am justin bieber….. :p

  22. crusaber97 says:

    I am sexy and i know it!

  23. Faraz00714 says:

    I am the motherfucker u say at the end of every episode…..yeah

  24. Hotspurs099 says:


  25. dahneiterina1989 says:

    i am sexy!!!!!!!!!

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