iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks!


Give me a thumbs up if you like this video! I know some of you may know a lot of these tips and tricks…but you would be surprised how many iPhone users don’t know any of these things.
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25 Responses to iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks!

  1. patrickredsox0625 says:

    They were good tips,but could you swallow any louder?

  2. mananchadha91 says:

    gr8 help

  3. Headhunter0880 says:

    @ZachManZ71 you get one year free warranty, but I bought it from ThePhonehouse I dont think they have a genius bar just two idiots that tried to tell me it was the volume buttons… dont let them push you around, a 700$ device should not have any flaws.

  4. lanormis says:

    Excellent !!!!!

  5. ZachManZ71 says:

    @Headhunter0880 thanks man did u go to the genuis bar??? and also did u buy the extended warranty cause i did not

  6. sanidsicu says:

    cool review doode. thank you

  7. TheBlingblingboy12 says:

    Man your video is soo helpful this is perfect i learned so many new tricks for my black 4s! Thanks alot:)

  8. Headhunter0880 says:

    @ZachManZ71 I returned it yesterday and they sent it in for service, I will get it back in two weeks.

  9. vzlno says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  10. ZachManZ71 says:

    does your 4S make a clicking noise in the back og the phonecause mine does is this normal?

  11. SuperFroggy12345 says:

    heres another feature when the apps are wiggleing you dont have to hit the button you just pull the notification bar down short (doesnt matter how long) and they stop wiggleing :)

  12. nececelle says:

    I love your tips! But some of the tips already exist, but no matter, I’ve learned a lot, thanks man!

  13. blgould3 says:

    Very Helpful thanks

  14. MrBDuncs says:

    you have a lot of apps, especaily useless ones

  15. SuperNickman11 says:

    That was very helpful… Thx

    Sent from my iPhone!

  16. xeriusyarishniku says:

    This is surprisingly very helpfull. For a second there I thought I would be wasting my time.

  17. MrMagicman786 says:

    Thank you it was all new to me. Ow and superviv what ever grow some balls fool!

  18. jimjamkillsnerds says:

    This is some really fast 3G…

  19. SuperVinividivici says:

    Hey you knobhead you forgot to mention that you have to go into Siri settings and put in the contact you want to mention to siri and then it allows it to be recognised as a sibling. Do your home work next time before posting a vid, 1.5/10 i give thats for the effort as for your apps you must be fat and gay. ; )

  20. Arresk8ter says:

    Purely amazing

  21. warsan007 says:

    great tips

  22. 19crucio says:

    thanks a lot, new most of it.. but few of them were really very helpful..
    thanks once again.

  23. radRuchir says:

    nice vid helped a lot

  24. ajz5895 says:

    So that’s how you zoom when you use the camera…

  25. crazysilia13 says:

    @DRoss357 go to settings, notifications, phone(badges,alerts) and then you can do whatever you like :)

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