iPhone 4S Review – Worthy Upgrade?


iPhone 4S Review – Worthy Upgrade? iPhone 4S Review — Worth the Upgrade? While Siri is good fun and does make tasks like setting appointments, speech-to-text and checking weather easier, I often found
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Jenny shares her experience about Consumer Priority Service and her broken iPhone screen. Luckily she bought the iPhone warranty when she purchased. iPhone looks great Jenny! Thanks for sending in your story and sharing with us!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to iPhone 4S Review – Worthy Upgrade?

  1. chelsea7040 says:

    I hav a blackberry i hate it should i go for the 4s?

  2. coughingmonster says:

    @benpetben android fan boy

  3. xHoodedReaper says:


  4. norbert13100 says:

    want 4S? try on wruu.info !!
    hurry up!!

  5. TheMkrules says:

    john can you do a video of iphone 4s vs samsung galaxy s2 please

  6. Pinsnow11 says:

    2:48 thumbs up for Zelda Skyward Sword! :)

  7. tech4all19 says:

    @kotsiosk9 ipad

  8. Ggalacticos says:

    @kotsiosk9 i have both lol

  9. kotsiosk9 says:

    should i buy the iphone 4s or the ipad 2?

  10. FruitNinjaRules says:

    I’m having sex

  11. uknowidontno044 says:

    @vogelbekdier97 xDD Yaaaaa.

  12. vogelbekdier97 says:

    @jon4lakers to improve your battery life get the app battery doctor!

  13. vogelbekdier97 says:

    @uknowidontno044 Hahahaha ya got me!

  14. SepurbOne says:

    @stlallstar exact same scenario as me! I despise this g2x. I have owned two iPhones however(3GS and Verizon’s iPhone 4) and I am STRONGLY considering switching to AT&T. Since you have never owned one I can say with admitted bias and personal satisfaction that you simply can’t go wrong with making that switch. I have NEVER had problems to the extent of what I experience with my G2x and I’ve only had it since October 13th, 2011. Get the iPhone 4S man. Peace.

  15. alys951 says:

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  16. c00kies25 says:

    The white iphone and ipod touch look kinda cheap compared to the black.

  17. AndrewMonkey8 says:

    Do you guys think I should get the 4S? I currently have a 3G and I desire a new phone. I was either thinking of getting this phone, or the Nexus S. What one do you think is better?

  18. carterappreviews says:

    Good video as always! I currently have an iPhone 4 but will be upgrading to an iPhone 4S as I extensively use the camera. I also want to switch from black to white and am using this as an opportunity to do so.

  19. iJacob26 says:

    I actually found out I can’t keep my unlimited data, so the best dual core android phone out there.

  20. obesemonkey123 says:

    @iJacob26 Yes you should! :D

  21. XtreemJohan says:

    I’ve had HTC Desire for 1.5 years now. And I’ve loved it, best phone I’ve ever had. But now I’m moving over to Apple, I’m getting this tomorrow :D

  22. kerayzey says:

    Can you record videos below the 1080p resolution? What resolutions are available? Cause 1080p videos just take too much space.

  23. iJacob26 says:

    I have a HTC Thunderbolt, and I have an upgrade in march. Should I get an iPhone?

  24. Patriciolous says:

    @Appleipadz123 YES! I have the exact problem. I love my Thunderbolt, but the battery life isn’t that great, and I am afraid to even try to make it through the day if I used it as much as my iPod touch.

  25. SjRahman says:

    Take some notes Aaron Baker… This is how you review a phone! The iPhone 4s is not an “evolutionary upgrade”!

  26. c4life2828 says:

    Nice video here. I text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) and got a iPhone 4s free. The company seems to be awesome. I love this phone!

  27. MandyBooVLDarkMoon says:

    im with verizon i’m good to go lol! my iphone 4 pretty cool i guess i love watchin movie all the time hehe :))

  28. TheHuwaidah says:

    I don’t have warranty on my iPhone no more, so is it possible to get warranty ?

  29. ninasternf says:

    Win fresh new iPhone 5 at: goo.glk55ge

  30. tstewart01 says:

    Nerds would be able to calculate prices without the use of a phone.

  31. 66THELAW says:

    @birkenau666 Look at what you wrote. You’re the stupid one.

  32. birkenau666 says:

    do u really as stupid as u look?

  33. xCosmicProductionsx says:

    well done

  34. AsylumTheater says:


  35. chienphanquoc99 says:

    wish i coudl do that!!!!!!

  36. chienphanquoc999 says:

    i sent this to all my friends

  37. KiLLingALLFaiR says:

    cool thanks im gonna try this!!!!

  38. blondiedwdh says:

    woohoo this is great

  39. TheArsalanSexy says:

    ur on fire

  40. takolos says:


  41. DeathWishGamer says:

    i have been looking for this tut everywhere! thanks for posting

  42. SoDuleZo says:

    amazing video

  43. EndingToday15 says:

    Very Nice!

  44. ChannelHasNoUsername says:

    how did you make this vid?

  45. zacknick8126 says:

    dude ur the best

  46. AAkrinowski says:

    very helpful thanks

  47. MrKezzik1 says:


  48. tmbplink4 says:

    ur on fire

  49. HalosVideoGames says:

    dude Looks awesome. :D!!!!!!

  50. NobleProjecTv says:

    absolutely incredible!

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