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GeekBeatTV #311: revision3.com We take a look at the improvements on the iPhone 4S, a throwable ball that contains 36 cameras, a kiosk that gives you cash for old cell phones, and a new cell phone with a double screen and a split keyboard! Like the magic happening in this video? Check out Scam School for more scams, tricks and magic from Brian Brushwood: www.youtube.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:56 iPhone 4S The iPhone 4S arrived on Friday and I’ve spent the weekend getting to know it – so far, I’m favorably impressed! You can check out my full review for all the details. geekbeat.tv 02:52 Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera What happens when you take a ball, fit it with 36 cameras, and make it sturdy enough to throw? An awesome panorama-making tool! www.popphoto.com 03:31 EcoATM Would you be interested in using a kiosk to recycle your old cell phones if it paid you in cash on the spot? geekbeat.tv 05:20 DoublePlay The LG DoublePlay has landed on T-Mobile. It’s a slider phone with two touchscreens and a split keyboard. What do you think about this design – is it awkward or awesome? www.engadget.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We’d love for your to Like, Favorite and Share today’s episode on YouTube! www.youtube.com GeekBeatTV #311: revision3.com Thank you to all of you Geekers for participating and commenting! How much do you love your iPhone 4S?!?! Here is where you can find us! Cali on Twitter: twitter.com Cali on Facebook: facebook.com GeekBeatTV website: www.geekbeat.tv GeekBeatTV

Aside from Japanese’s version, here’s the brief test on Taiwanese English-speaking accent. This phone’s got a sense of humor!!
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50 Responses to iPhone 4S Impressions, Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera, EcoATM, and Double Play – GeekBeat.TV

  1. MrSkullPhucker says:

    eco atm is a horrible idea some one needs to stop this from comming to north california theres gonna a lot of theft not to mention if my android is in that machine and i gps im assumeing the company will give me my phone back also droids so much better well if your a real techy you would understand

  2. samcal9 says:

    She’s a hot geek

  3. chupetanegra says:

    Just a cuestion is crash the iphone you use in the cash machine? Is your new iphone 4s god sorry

  4. clavin2007 says:

    she has a long neck … just saying 

  5. gshk1999 says:

    Great! Especially ATM Machine. Wonderful!

  6. TheGunslinger019 says:

    hahahahaha that atm is perfect for stolen goods!!! black market on an atm!!! thats the new technology ppl.

  7. silence6210 says:

    WOW the iPhone 4.5 is .5 seconds faster… OOOOHHHH

  8. ferulebezel says:

    I subscribed to Scam School and Penn Jilette. I don’t need you assholes at Revision using those accounts to spam me by ‘liking’ other of your channels.

  9. MrNate0124 says:

    im still on the iphone 3g

  10. MrMaxvandenberg says:

    what a bunch of freaks!

  11. ShalkaDoctor says:

    @geekbeattv If you watch Fringe I do not wish to spoil it for you. But it involved a spike, hammer and an attempt to lobotomize oneself.

  12. geekbeattv says:

    @ShalkaDoctor No, I didn’t see that episode. What was it? –Cali

  13. chidoche88 says:

    Imagine trying that around the White house! I don’t think the cops would like that very much huh a ball thrown around

  14. Fredo5227 says:

    Damn, he put out the fire with his hand ouch!

  15. TheCoolrandomdudes says:

    @geekbeattv siri = steve is right inside (:

  16. ShalkaDoctor says:

    Um, Cali? Did you and John P watch Fringe two weeks ago before filming the opening to this episode??

  17. GEK69NY says:

    It has been nice!

  18. warex3d says:

    wow so fast LOL

  19. 2VledderMan says:

    hey dude, nice hair 0:12

  20. clubpenguinsecrets1 says:

    Go to youtube . com /rebecca (The Friday song is back on!)

  21. geekbeattv says:

    @nneverssay haha I know right!

  22. geekbeattv says:

    @raydvd You like that? ;)

  23. raydvd says:

    Haha GeekBeat and BB all in the one show , awesome :)

  24. JacobLDagenais says:

    yws a working sim card now some weirdo gets to use our expencive data plan -.-

  25. nneverssay says:

    that is the one of the funniest things ever!

    Siri i love you. “oh, i bet you say that to all your Apple products.”
    that was just pure genius!

  26. 1114yhm says:


  27. sbusumacinta says:

    Siri has some epic fails sometimes also!

  28. shiner0905 says:


  29. kamalBEY says:

    when she asks “so who is the best phone in the world?” the siri writes ” so coast the best …. ” WTF and this is Iphone, it’s suck anyway

  30. pola87able says:

    Test and keep an iPhone 4s for free at fresh-phones(dot)com

  31. c4life2828 says:

    Text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) to get a iPhone 4s! Test and Keep.

  32. HiFiUk2 says:

    I jailbroken my iPhone 3GS and installed S1ri. There are some lags, but IMO it’s great! S1ri is available for all devices running on iOS 5 at:
    THUMBS UP for S1ri!

  33. louis021620000 says:


  34. kidSchueri says:

    Really nice

  35. DamnLittleBadGirl says:

    battery life: 10 seconds

  36. michor10 says:

    Can you find me a gerbil? Bleep! -I found Richard Gere’s Address…

  37. michor10 says:

    Fine, fug you?

  38. th3b3stT says:

    forever alone :D

  39. pauly123ify says:

    You should say im feeling horny :D

  40. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on wruu.info !!

    hurry up!!

  41. gavravjoshi2008 says:

    I want siri in iphone 4 wanna have a good laugh

    like siri where is the g spot? LMAO! check out siricrazy . com

  42. miranipour says:


  43. PionerofTrance says:

    I have just jailbroken untethered my new iPhone 4S running on iOS 5 using iSteve from official website. It’s really easy. Nice alternative for only tethered redsn0w. Download iSteve from official website:

  44. jacquiehec says:

    Test and keep iPhone 4S giveaway xD freegiveawayrewards.info


  45. norbert13able says:

    want 4s? giveaway on wruu.info !!


  46. MMayur1000 says:

    Getting iPhone 4s this December in Christmas

  47. OwerLoster says:

    Siri has been ported by developers to all devices running on iOS 5 and is available at test website: s1ri.c0.pl

  48. kankan705 says:

    @alo763 了解~感謝您的回覆囉.

  49. FTGamersDotCom says:

    sirisarcasm,com has some funny responses

  50. ziggyzoo1997 says:

    @dudecomestocum lol

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