iPhone 4S Gaming: Batman Arkham City Lockdown


Batman Arkham City Lockdown First Look:
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50 Responses to iPhone 4S Gaming: Batman Arkham City Lockdown

  1. junaramz says:

    @blackjack12366 yeah i looked it up it says the game works for ipod touch 3rd and 4th generation

  2. MrSchoolem says:

    Want a free ITunes gift card? Just download app trailors for free and use my code: (moreappsplease ) and receive it. This game rocks, I love the batman beyond suit. Can’t wait until they update this app and add Harley Quinn and poison ivy!

  3. blackjack12366 says:

    does this work for the ipod touch

  4. EXultimate says:

    The only reason I’d play this game would be to play in the Batman suit from Batman Beyond.

  5. The4WanGstErZ says:

    Want a FREE $10 iTunes gift card? Well download the app called “App Trailers” and use my bonus code: freecash0

  6. ChristiansullyJr says:

    @doomzillX25 he will b in updates or in app purchases later

  7. xboxtriggerfingerman says:

    reminds me of infinity blade

  8. VF28WWE says:

    it’s not just for iPhone 4S -.- it is for other devices too

  9. TheRyanSoto says:

    @SuperGigaman not true the wii has better its just with a small screen and some effects it appears to look better

  10. doomzillaX25 says:

    why is Deathstroke on the pic when he doesn’t appear in the vid

  11. galacticmaui2 says:

    So this doesn’t work on iPod touch 4th gen?

  12. galacticmaui2 says:

    Wow that Batman Beyond costume looks awesome!

  13. lastkit says:

    Wow…is an badass awesome game need 2 get it 4 my iPhone 4 ya dog ps keep up the awesome work

  14. ballack4000 says:

    @lapplthelullemann just wait till gta 3 then :)

  15. lapplthelullemann says:

    i was thinking it’s a open-world game :/

  16. dan2008ds says:

    Game looks outstanding

  17. fardeen1996 says:

    Nice graphics

  18. FoxMedina says:

    looks like a nice game, to watch but not play.

  19. PWNBOSS says:

    how did you capture the screen so well?

  20. gathuka says:

    amazing graphics for the iphone 4s

  21. 4evargraffiti says:

    Installous FTW!

  22. K00L9 says:

    @SuperGigaman  yes… yes it does

  23. appleism100 says:

    @80ezbaby I have been searching OnLive but I don’t seem to be able to find it, do you have any links?

  24. chinito77 says:

    Good and funny review.  Looks awesome!

  25. tsmz65 says:

    I got it yesterday.. Pretty awesome game. :)

  26. TheBlack978 says:

    pedo bear

  27. RatePage says:

    exclamation point***

  28. paul0wn4life says:


  29. TheSouthernAndrew says:

    Probably both for selling point and hardware limitations…

  30. jeriatrix says:

    To sell it. The hardware in the 4 CAN run it.

  31. zynga83 says:

    @TheSHlRTS Nope Black and white just like the iphone 4.

  32. TheBiggerByte says:


  33. TheRealGeriBoss says:


  34. arceus121121 says:

    @xThExJacKx The 42 meme is from the book series “A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” that was created some time in the 90′s, and the meme was born from a thing in the book where the meaning of life was in fact 42.

  35. xThExJacKx says:

    @arceus121121 i no the reference its what siri says but the meaning of life is actually 72

  36. arceus121121 says:

    @xThExJacKx Hey look,
    you don’t get the reference.
    I no longer count you as a human being.

  37. xThExJacKx says:

    @MyPlaylistPerson its 72

  38. jamzt94 says:

    Im on my period , period

  39. Nanotech11 says:

    @hurricaneomega Perhaps when iPhone 5 comes out the iphone 4 will “magically” get siri too.

  40. 5alamander says:

    Completely different story? No that much…

  41. xxkidd00xx says:

    Slight problem with Siri, it doesnt understand scottish people…

  42. smartydix says:

    And of course, the 4S’s battery is lower…

  43. dreamstate83 says:

    @hurricaneomega you are correct in your assumption. Dev team hackers have successfully ported Siri to older model phones such as the 3GS without performance issues using code that made the phone appear to be an iphone 4s to the apple servers.

  44. koolmagicguy says:

    Nice video.

  45. koolmagicguy says:

    @TheSHlRTS No. It’s in black and white

  46. xR1D1xful says:

    This is exactly the type of shit I was talking about in school in 1996 AND IT CAME TRUE

  47. neroloko12 says:

    for the 23 people who dislike the video: FUCK YOU

  48. neroloko12 says:

    ask: what you think about yourself siri?

  49. MegaTechToday says:

    Ask Siri: Can You Teach Me How To Dougie?

  50. iPodTouchPro94 says:

    to sell it better

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