iPhone 4S Death Grip Test


Does its new antenna system have the same issues as the iPhone 4?
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25 Responses to iPhone 4S Death Grip Test

  1. UndeadRussianLord says:

    @xXxCRAZTNUNNxXx good cuz i just brought iphone 4S lol

  2. xXxCRAZTNUNNxXx says:

    @UndeadRussianLord it went down before he griped

  3. lifeisfunwithpeople says:

    on the iphone 4 it happened 2 me

  4. UndeadRussianLord says:

    it dropped one at the start :(

  5. stephos21 says:

    that’s not a death grip,thats a stupid monkey grip..only stupid people and monkeys hold a phone like like this…

  6. lilchocolateful says:

    My iPhone 4s didn’t drop anything :)

  7. SuperMinecraftBoyz says:

    lol when i tried he death-grip on my “for ass” it went up a bar!

  8. XPb4nksh0t says:

    i like Verizon :D

  9. landyachtzswitch37 says:

    go to 1:40 and right when he holds it one bar drops

  10. MetallicaFerizaj says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats up everyone …..!

  11. SGTSNiPA54xx says:

    does it matter if you have a case??

  12. NITECOREPD says:


  13. 22BlackOps22vids says:

    i like ur mom too :)

  14. tom31839 says:

    Your body interfers with the signal

  15. Toranaman1 says:

    fuckk, i have the iphone 4 and it dropped to no signal

  16. 200nick2 says:

    but if you think about it the iPhone 4s is 4G the iPhone 4 is 3G i dont know if that makes a dif but atleast thats what i have on my 4s is 4G

  17. venomchaser88 says:

    Hey! i got an iPhone 4s for xmas and my grandpa bought it for me… I’m only 15 so i can’t pay my own bills so the phone is under his contract. My question is do i put my social security number or do i put his social security? of course the billing address is gonna be his since i can’t pay… please help!

  18. IntoiPhone says:

    @Subrock203 So, Verizon is the best carrier genius.

  19. thenightmight9 says:

    I did the death grip on my iPhone 4 it went up to 4 bars o.O

  20. nightcloudd says:

    when i death grip my 4s it goes up a bar wtf

  21. lazertag720 says:

    thats the ugly and gay way to hold an iphone

  22. dannylovell1 says:

    im not saying that people commenting on this video saying its fake is wrong but i tried doing the ‘death grip’ on my iphone 4s and i get no signal drop at all

  23. MrsJJonassssssssssss says:

    this is the fake one i think

  24. MrAnnoyingSounds says:

    It did drop down one bar on the 4S. Couldn’t you see that you muppet

  25. spiddykilla says:

    what does that little call forwarding icon mean???

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