iPhone 4S Camera Test / 1080p / Raw Footage


Today, we’re going to take a look at how the iPhone 4S matches up with the iPhone 4 in a series of videos
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25 Responses to iPhone 4S Camera Test / 1080p / Raw Footage

  1. andythewooferguy says:

    what a great camera. I’ve never seen picture quality that good on a phone

  2. TheRealRenatoBibo says:

    the camara is awesome y i love your dog xd

  3. nylecrane2k7 says:

    @daiddaful The first time I tried it it uploaded in 720p, the second time it uploaded in 1080p

  4. daiddaful says:

    @nylecrane2k7 Uhm. When I uploaded a video from my IPhone 4S, I didn’t do anything. I connected my IPhone to the PC, dragged it into my PC, uploaded it to youtube. BAM.. 1080P. It does it auto.

  5. norbert13able says:

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  6. meganorbert13 says:

    there is no need to choose, upload raw file for best video quality
    for editing you can use pinnacle studio 15 or bunch of other

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  7. norbert13mad says:

    want 4S? try giveaway on wruu.info !!

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  8. nylecrane2k7 says:

    How do you choose to upload in 720p or 1080p when uploading to YouTube? Also What should I convert the RAW file to before uploading to YouTube? Also what software should I use to convert and edit? I’m a camera n00b…

  9. joshmvfx says:

    the iphone 4s is good it just has a bad shutter speed, every time I pause it there is a great deal of motion blur.

  10. TellxJelly says:

    I like the iPhone themed living room.

  11. TellxJelly says:

    @xrubydiamond He said he did NO refocusing on either phone in these videos.

  12. TellxJelly says:

    @xrubydiamond If you click the screen it re-focuses on whatever you click on.

  13. c4life2828 says:

    Text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) to get a iPhone 4s! Test and Keep.

  14. Moe11032 says:

    nice disk 

  15. xrubydiamond says:

    @stevesg92 yeah right? i was looking and the 4 did better close up at detail and the 4s llooked blurry

  16. norbert13ful says:

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  17. midpen100 says:

    Hopefully they would put 1080p HD on the next iPod Touch! I wonder if the video recording on the 4S isn’t as wide as the iPod Touch’s.

  18. stevesg92 says:

    It’s funny how no one clicks on the screen to adjust the sensor when shooting really really close to something.. The difference is huge.

  19. NewforFunny says:


  20. norbert13100 says:

    want 4s? try on wruu.info !!

    hurry up!!

  21. nguyenner212 says:

    Go to 240p, looks like my phone’s camera(:

  22. D3FIIL3D says:

    how did you get the video to be 1080p? When I uploaded a video test from my 4s, it was only up to 720p. When I uploaded it from the phone, I selected hd instead of standard. What should I do?
    The video is here /watch?v=A7bjp9yPdbg

  23. CrazyKidsPresents says:

    That’s why the internet aint great

  24. N13L6 says:

    @bharatkumargupta except for the narrow focus and all the noise… not really that great to be a dedicated cam! plus no optical zoom….

  25. aturo1000 says:

    Nice! I buy one

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