iPhone 4S Camera Hands-on Review


With the release of the iPhone 4S and its camera, we think this is the beginning of the end for compact cameras.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How is the newest Apple iPhone 4S different from the last? Scott Lowe and IGN compares the biggest features and differences. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game channels: IGN Home – www.ign.com Call of Duty – http Zelda – youtube.com Battlefield – youtube.com Halo – youtube.com Street Fighter – youtube.com And more!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to iPhone 4S Camera Hands-on Review

  1. DocyDocStar says:

    Does anyboy know the Piano Song that kicks in at around 14:40?

  2. Nivi78 says:

    Big fail for Siri! XD

  3. bigsqearl21 says:

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  4. sevenape says:

    Don’t suppose anyone knows the piano song used at about 14:40? :)

  5. 1Cypher says:

    Somebody xD just forgot to mention its a SONY sensor that takes photos in this Apple toy :P.

  6. ArshiaManu says:

    @1226Papabear he took the picture after the guy moved out the way you can see on the iphone screen he had not took it yet, it was just a sound effect of a shutter sound..

  7. AshtonPhoto says:

    Kai is an unabashed Nikon fanboy.
    So he likes to mock Canon users in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

    This is like ‘Top Gear’ for cameras.
    Everybody else is dry and boring. They drone on about F-stops and miss the point of the entire exercise.

  8. mikebruce9 says:

    Canon strap on a Nikon this time? O.o

  9. xZ0MbiEKILLERx says:

    @1226Papabear I don’t think they would have any reason to lie. They probably cocked up and tried again…

  10. thestoryofakingdom says:

    and so… at the end.. we don’t need kai reviews anymore!! FOREVER!! xD ahahah just joke :) anyway i think that iphone 4s camera is good but we’ve to consider that have lots of problems like jello effect etc.. i think that most a ”good camera” is a ”good all in one” is a good product only if you don’t have a lot of money or don’t waste money for technology stuff.. but we’ve to consider that this will never happen because nowadays anyone have a smartphone.. except homeless LOL

  11. RaymiBeats says:

    @1226Papabear No, watch carefully: There’s a man in a white Shirt in the background taken with the iPhone 4s, and in the video you can see him walk towards the camera, so Kai took another picture because he wanted to wait until the man in brown was out of the frame…that’s why ;)

  12. yamahaevo says:


  13. veyron92 says:

    I am definitely not an apple fan. But this video made me kind of like the iphone ;o

  14. TheLzh says:

    wait until kai finds out that the iphone4S’s camera is made by sony…

  15. jjrdias says:

    How long does the battery last while taking pictures?

  16. MtGuyful says:

    daaaamn the girl is so cute

  17. 662305 says:

    @1226Papabear stop being so skeptical maybe he took another shot after?

  18. MrMAKZaid says:

    Oh…Tht Big Bloody Boat…:@

  19. ZALHERA666 says:

    @1226Papabear Nope, it still makes sense. At 6:19, he could have taken another shot that coincides perfectly with the video, which explains why the man in brown cloths is gone. Proof that it was from the iPhone is the man in white at the background, whom you can see ath 6:19 as well.

  20. madearisp says:

    can anyone tell me the song from 14:33 – 15:59 ?

  21. Lainer1 says:

    The iPhone is annoying to hold and take pictures with, as Kai states, the hand does get in the way; especially when using one hand. It’s an awkward camera to hold and shoot. Still, it does have cool apps for photography and the ability to send immediately online to Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler, etc.

  22. Lainer1 says:

    iPhone is convenient, but Canon S95, Leica D-Lux 4 and similar still look better. But, they don’t get the pics online like a smart phone can, so…

  23. CrystalCastles2o11 says:

    not rich colors in photos.
    and 1080p in 4s look very bad.

  24. daivenluo says:

    Maybe one day mobile phone camera will take over DSLR

  25. nawafnk says:

    she is hot

  26. heyryanleys says:

    I like this guy, he doesn’t get into the little things that no one really cares about. I don’t care if it is .2mm thicker, because i’ll probably never be able to notice.

  27. Hadihussain11 says:

    Your friend venom is horrible…. loL~ =D

  28. Yomusic1 says:

    your friend is CREEPY xD

  29. CandysAllMediaReview says:

    Upgraded last night and got my iPhone 4S. It’s like having a smaller iPad 2 with that A5 processor. Games/Apps are noticeably faster. Where there was lag in some apps, now there is none! The camera is great, especially the 1080p. I love Siri! She makes me laugh and is actually useful! Love getting her to type emails & texts for me. I feel like I got a “virtual Maid” LOL. I love my iPhone 4S!

  30. Jaquizz94 says:

    @gogohmoobboy I bet you shit a brick when you realized that they just came out with the iPhone for Sprint.

  31. Jaquizz94 says:

    so they improved the antenna? …then why does the 4S only have 3 bars? looks like the Iphone 4 has 4 bars.

  32. manbearpig0078 says:

    I have the EnV2 still…

  33. norbert13100 says:

    want 4s?
    try giveaway on wruu.info !!
    hurry up !!

  34. TheJimwilt20 says:

    0:48 iPhone 4 is still on iOS 4.3.5. Why didn’t you upgrade it for the test? This adds another variable, as 4.3.5 is not as optimized and fast as iOS 5

  35. XpinkyzebraX says:

    @MLC7404 No, they have white iphone 4 out…

  36. Seanvdodge says:

    Lol some people are idiots to think looks make a phone good. Get some brains haters

  37. jtgtjtgt says:

    @gogohmoobboy HTC Evo is still and amazing phone wtf are you on . Hell it’s better than the old iphone.

  38. simioneitor1975 says:

    @gogohmoobboy hahhaa you lucky dude! The EVO is a great phone… whole lot better than the iPhone 4S in some stuff

  39. brodyadamsthatsme says:

    I like that everyone gets on here and bags on the iPhone 4s and tell people that it suck and that it’s a Waste of money. It’s not a waste of money and it doesn’t suck. I love mine and it is allot faster then my friends 4 and camera is nicer too. Plus the battery rocks. -3 my iPhone 4s

  40. TheYooussef says:

    Apple fan:
    The iphone 4S is 0.9 faster than the iPhone 4 Gotta buy this!!!

  41. FuckWhatYaThink says:

    @GlueNoob you spelled Seriously wrong

  42. lebricify says:

    @Cloud3x Not really just that iphone 4 can have siri… so u can just say u got an iphone 4 LOL

  43. unitedyouthgroup says:

    @gogohmoobboy it is at sprint now

  44. Cloud3x says:

    @lebricify I got a 4S.. Umadbro?

  45. GlueNoob says:

    Are you retarded or just a 12 year old polish boy?

  46. Ritace40 says:

    @GlueNoob lol…..u r grammar teacher or what .spelling wrong, spelling right……..wtf wrong wid u…..Now dont say “With” ,,,,,,,,,Spelling wrong

  47. GlueNoob says:

    You can’t even spell ‘bloody’

  48. 95sxc says:

    @jaskaransingh98 No it isn’t…

  49. Ritace40 says:

    @GlueNoob yeah shut of the fuck up ,Bloddy jerk

  50. 95sxc says:

    @GlueNoob Someone is on their period

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