iPhone 4S Battery vs. iPhone 4


Does the iPhone 4S have a bum battery? PCMAG.com checks out the phone’s battery life versus two iPhone 4 units.
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46 Responses to iPhone 4S Battery vs. iPhone 4

  1. c4life2828 says:

    Text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) to get a iPhone 4s! Test and Keep.

  2. Gh0st175 says:

    ya this is prof that apple makes the new os to drain and slow down older devises

  3. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try on wruu.info !!
    hurry up!!

  4. ultraszgb says:

    butthurt, butthurt everywhere

  5. yashiroda01 says:

    iphone 4s and iphone 4 has the same battery !!! actually the first thing that you have to improve is battery. even you improve the camera but you dont improve the battery how can you enjoy using it?

  6. LordPrkr says:

    this is invalid due to the phones not being on the same exact settings such as two working off 3g and the one on wifi… Southpaw is right …

  7. kerayzey says:

    @eezing I hate it when people do puns, they say ‘no pun intended’.

  8. Mozza215 says:

    @Hamsmuggler it’s proven that a phone with low or no signal uses more battery, this test is stupid.

  9. ndelima14 says:

    no fucking shit the iphone4s battery is bad , its a dual core phone -__-

  10. Hamsmuggler says:

    The one with no service, has less battery life… Interesting…

  11. bigsteamfan says:

    Dude, WHAT THE FUCK… Couldn’t you just place them side by side, that way they were all right next to each other, in a VERTICAL position and we could see them all… What fucking possible use can the positioning you chose, have… DUMB PEOPLE !

  12. MuahMan says:

    This test is as retarded as Apple customers.

  13. lawlzors says:

    fail product is fail

  14. ceterafan123 says:

    Well… uuhhh…iPhone 4s DOES have better battery life than the iPhone 4 running the same OS… haha…ha… hmmm… ;-)

  15. dmasta78 says:

    @southpawsmitty not if it’s things like the GPS constantly being checked by siri or whatever that’s causing it.

  16. cool8man says:

    This really does a good job representing typical iPhone usage. LOL. What idiot did this test?

  17. eezing says:

    Yea, this isn’t an apples to apples comparison (no pun intended). Need to have all phones on same network with same signals.

  18. installerjason says:

    “shoulda turned them all on airplane mode to get accurate results” < You are an idiot

  19. sconeladycoffee says:

    wow a whole 30 minutes who cares.

  20. doomtomb3 says:

    Errr so all the complaints of users having bad battery life is debunked?

    I need a better test than this to really figure it out.

  21. southpawsmitty says:

    shoulda turned them all on airplane mode to get accurate results.

  22. artichokeh34rts says:

    hilarious at 2:20. loved how you slammed your new phone.

  23. zachev2kool says:

    If it looks exactly like the iPhone 4, how will people I know that I am better than them?

  24. joerobotpants1234 says:

    x mas

  25. DellDylan7 says:

    I want one soooo bad

  26. ToOothlesSs says:

    i love iPhone 3GS more than this new shit, and i already have that new shit. Ughhh life is hard…

  27. Junior23915 says:

    @iMadeline1 hes rich he gets everythin lol

  28. coleennecia says:

    getting mine TONIGHT! Yay! :)

  29. Junior23915 says:

    @MrLdog92 dont x out christ its bad lol

  30. MrLdog92 says:

    gettin mine for x-mas

  31. Blitzwing989 says:

    @pureicewater23 same here! cant wait!!

  32. NappyBoyFan2011 says:

    ive got xperia play n i got the new white ipod touch

  33. norbert13100 says:

    want win 4s? try giveaway on wruu.info !!
    hurry up!!

  34. H3YItzAsh7 says:


  35. NYLeeNJ says:

    Your voice is REALLY annoying :I

  36. monkeyking989 says:

    what are those 2 circle things on the iphone 4s, 3:18

  37. pureicewater23 says:

    Im about to get the iPhone 4s for Xmas

  38. XxAdamWinsorxX says:

    Iphone Or htc ??

  39. purplerosebud03 says:

    How did you get a red iPhone 4 !!

  40. frajel123 says:

    This video should have more views than fred’s videos

  41. LifeOwnByMehx3 says:

    i dont see why people would want the iphone 4s. i mean its just the same as the iphone 4 but just a new installed voice name “siri” to do all the work for you. i still prefer iphone 4

  42. RebeccaOx95 says:

    @Bigdog1219 ehh he said he got th 64gb one!

  43. EmmanAndMarvy says:

    great smash! give it to me if you dont take good care of it!

  44. gta4izawsome says:

    I wish I would have waited for a little before getting a new phone(the iPhone 4) in July. But I still love it.

  45. leapingsheeps says:

    no, I just got my iPad 2 for Free, simply google for: freeipad2tablet.info

    works awesome!

  46. xoxholly2709xox says:

    @Chiwiwee Go on the apple website if you want to find out!

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