Introducing Siri – iPhone 4S (Parody)


Follow me on Facebook here! (My Channel) (My Music Channel) My Facebook: ThePianoGuys Facebook: When Apple introduced “Siri” .. I knew I had to make a spoof out of it. Thanks to my talented hilarious friends we were able to create this video in a day. If you like it please subscribe and share! Film by: Shaye Scott Cast: Sean Pullan Mike Potter Kyle Fisher Skyler Scott Music used: The first song: “Breath and life” by audio machine. The second song: “The surface of the sun.”


25 Responses to Introducing Siri – iPhone 4S (Parody)

  1. kent80082006 says:

    @foshizzlesmile it’s probably because of the theme from Sunshine, it’s a great film

  2. ToMiTzZzA says:

    @shaye2k LOL I also got emotional. Shaye2k, your videos are awesome! You should be sponsored by YouTube

  3. vechtman007 says:

    @XYnocha no not LMFAO he played Justin Bieber… idiot

  4. jaspercongdon says:

    Nice placing of the Katy Perry lyrics xD

  5. norbert13able says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on !!

    hurry up!!

  6. OliverOzaydin says:

    hey make a video response 4 soldierknowsbest and u could win a iphone 4s

  7. YeahGirl03 says:

    That was hilarioussssss!

  8. AnhRichie says:

    Tracy – “Play my running mix”
    Siri – “Playing Justin Bieber ”
    LIKE A BOSS!!!!

  9. shaye2k says:

    @foshizzlesmile Nope.. I cried when people thought it was meant to be funny ;P

  10. foshizzlesmile says:

    Is is weird that i got emotional over this video?

  11. smeghead74 says:

    That was funny!
    Hey I want to see a sequel to “Grilled Cheese Miracle” Btw who do I need to email to get permission to use Desert Symphony in one of my movies?

  12. Sn0wZone says:

    Thats pretty well done, nice guys :)

  13. darthguy3 says:

    Adagio in D minor! Great choice of music! =D

  14. gutierrez3163 says:

    LOVED IT!!

  15. FTGamersDotCom says:

    sirisarcasm,com you’re welcome ;D

  16. Rockkofla says:

    wow Very Fuckin Funny Lmfao

  17. KinqqAdrien says:

    This is why i got the regular iPhone 4 .

  18. iLuvHamstersMK says:

    u guyss are Hilarious !!!

  19. gnbatra says:

    Haha! I love her!

  20. gavravjoshi2008 says:

    Siri says she is not a virgin lolzz see siricrazy . com

  21. vtkpwr says:

    Nice video love you siri makes me want to buy the phone

  22. gixxerspeed1 says:

    fuckin awesome

  23. canadianstarbuck says:

    Bravo guys ! That is an amazing production I must say. It deserves an award !


  24. shitmeover says:

    love it :)

  25. CyanItchati says:

    My name is Siri. :D

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