Increase Your iPhone 4S’ Battery Life, 3D iOS Maps, Jailbreak iOS 5, 5.0 With Safari Patch & More


This is the fifty-nineth episode of BestTechInfo And Rumors! Links to the articles discussed in this episode: 1. Apple’s acquisition of C3 Technologies will lead to incredibly accurate 3D maps in future iOS releases: 2. How to dramatically increase your iPhone 4S’ battery life: 3. Apple released three new iPhone 4S commercials: Siri, iCloud and camera: 4. Jailbreak iOS 5, 5.0 semi untethered iPhone 4,3Gs, iPod Touch 4,3 & iPad with Safai patch: — All Things Apple Giveaway — Like my Facebook for more updates and interactions: Follow the Twitter accounts listed below to get updated more often: Me: BestTechInfo’s official Twitter: New episodes every Friday and Monday
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25 Responses to Increase Your iPhone 4S’ Battery Life, 3D iOS Maps, Jailbreak iOS 5, 5.0 With Safari Patch & More

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