Improve Siri Dictation on iPhone 4S – 10 Tricks to Better Voice Typing




25 Responses to Improve Siri Dictation on iPhone 4S – 10 Tricks to Better Voice Typing

  1. ddore0913 says:

    @denisJ2G a person that knows how to spell “while”

  2. CoreyAMG says:

    Thank you, I found this video very useful, especially because I do like to be gramitically correct. :D

  3. Tantrum77 says:

    Great video. Thanks.

  4. BrixhamBoy1996 says:

    Oh I love my iPhone 4S

  5. musicaldork13 says:

    That is definitely helpful

  6. levisk8bub says:

    Good job doing it at 4:20

  7. Ricky712 says:

    Good stuff man! Great video! Thanks 4 the info!!

  8. icntblivilykutube says:

    my dictation stopped working too! :( tried resetting, disabling/enabling Siri, power on/off…didn’t work

  9. thenvox says:

    my dictation stopped working altogether.. siri still works but not in text message or email… do you know why?

  10. ToonzHere says:

    what if you need to say the word cap?

  11. djoebeats16 says:

    Good job ! Well explained, not to mention a pleasant voice !

  12. DenseGraffiti says:

    This is pretty cool, this is how I wrote this comment, benefiting a lot of commas… #° Kelvin sign

  13. SamirSlipSideCW says:

    i think it only works if u change the language to english..

  14. starship77 says:

    @claudiodeus Make sure you have an internet connection and turn on Siri under Settings > General > Siri

  15. starship77 says:

    @huguetsful Under Settings > General, check if Siri is turned on. You also need an internet connection for it to appear.

  16. Sofa3301 says:

    The snazziest of the snazzies

  17. jds829 says:

    what is u need to say an acctual punctuation like,” that is my final word period

  18. PeriquinTV says:

    Thanks for sharing! :^)

  19. claudiodeus says:

    Great tips.

  20. claudiodeus says:

    6 people with no iphone watched this video

  21. claudiodeus says:


    Did you find how to show the microphone on your iphone? I’m having the same problem. Thank you

  22. claudiodeus says:

    Can anyone help me plz. I just bought my iphone 4s and theres no microphone button on my virtual keyboard. Somebody help me pleaseeeeee.

  23. huguetsful says:

    anybody knows why mi iPhone doesn’t have that new microphone button? I’m from Spain! somebody help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. tonymoreau says:

    :-O i did not know it could do all of this im gonna have fun tonight :D lmao

  25. live4blackberry says:

    always very snazzy!

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