Hitler gets angry about iPhone 4S


Detailed spec comparison & photos: bit.ly Full iPhone 4S review: bit.ly Full Samsung Galaxy S II Review: bit.ly The iPhone 4S (available on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) and the Samsung Galaxy S II (available on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint) are two of the best smartphones on the market right now. In this video we compare program launching speed, web browsing performance, gaming smoothness, specs, 1080p video recording, and even artificial intelligence in terms of the digital assistant software included on both. Which of these high-end smartphones is better?
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50 Responses to Hitler gets angry about iPhone 4S

  1. bypass3421 says:

    I want magic!
    haha…that’s was classic :)

  2. MarioHeadWeeeeee says:

    I’ve been looking for a new phone lately.
    I’m quite happy about the iPhone 4S, because my list just got shorter.

    Blackberry barely exists anymore.
    Windows phone is just Microsoft’s spin off of iOS, but less functional.
    iOS is functional but too basic.
    Android is king, don’t forget it.

  3. madboy5566 says:

    Dear hitler,

    Siri Works.

  4. xWundervollerHerbstx says:

    come on. It’s like making fun of bin Laden or Gaddafi.

  5. 20112018 says:

    The person who created this is such a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser

  6. koshurnikov says:

    @perceptivum Ha-ha-ha. No S-D cartoons in your i-phone any more. How sad? How you re going to live, baby?

  7. HellsInfernalAbyss says:

    I gotta watch this with no sound cause I’m not hearing the words I’m reading, lol. So distracting.

  8. westcoast37 says:

    this was a good movie

  9. Eworix says:

    Venez visiter ma chaine et donez votre avis :


  10. norbert13ify says:

    want 4s? try on wruu.info !!
    hurry up !!

  11. norbert13able says:

    want 4s? try giveaway on wruu.info !!

    hurry up!!

  12. tchildproductions says:

    And what, exactly, is so bad about Android?

  13. dannotemail says:


  14. acteurprovocateur says:

    @maraente Was bist du denn für einer?

  15. c4life2828 says:

    Text (txtme iPhone4s) To (368638) to get a iPhone 4s! Test and Keep.

  16. bonosbones says:

    @Ideaz4U2 It does!

  17. Ideaz4U2 says:

    Must suck if you understand German.

  18. maraente says:

    Man macht keine witze über hitler etc. Die ganzen toten fändens sicher auch nich lustig.

  19. ryjb2 says:

    Love it

  20. Kyandros says:

    Lol, typing this comment on my iPhone 4S right now

  21. Stralinism says:

    “I want people to know that I’m better than they are. But how can this happen if they can’t tell the new phone from the old one?”

  22. wodzeerox says:


  23. DISbCHRIS says:

    Stupid Tech crunch

  24. AF6H4N1ST4N says:

    @Neokraid23 Really? Oh shit we didn’t know that. I thought hitler was talking about iPhone back in 1945.

  25. pepitanxh says:

    Come test and keep an iPhone 4s xD freegiveawayrewards.info

    Nice video!

  26. TheTechChecker says:

    197 people bought a Samsung Galaxy S2…

  27. Kabakov says:

    yeah.. this test sucked

  28. android4lifer says:

    yes i agree this guy is bias against iphone because he makes allot of smart remarks about iphone on the .01sec speed difference but when it came down to speech detect and android only bring in websites instead of performing the schedule task he had no smart remarks then and just kept skipping.

  29. MSxCLOUDX says:


  30. 1000ouija says:

    No way, that was a bi’st opinion. He must live the GS2?
    Btw it doesn’t matter about any specs because what brings an iPhone together is the experience of iOS5. Kills all other phone software.
    The iPhone is the best phone… :)

  31. osamah123123 says:

    الي جاي من البوابة لايك~

  32. MrAhmedIv says:

    gs 2 beats!

  33. dejon71 says:

    @deathplayer247 agreed! gay tests like the reviewer!

  34. Tkingnight says:

    obvious sgs2 is better it got better display colour as well as speed on browser and game.

  35. dudulimajunior says:

    suck that fanboys motherfuckers

  36. ajwadsabano says:

    who cares about 0.00001 seconds different, just look about the features.

  37. ajwadsabano says:

    In contacts the iphone is faster,but because of the motion of the icon for a better feeling when you clicked at it. I mean in GS2 when you clicked at it,it immediately opened with no motion, so iphone is better!

  38. DAMIAN6127 says:

    gs2 is d real ting!!!

  39. MonkeyMagic88 says:

    Don’t buy anything made by Google (Jewgle) spyware. Google is evil , Facebook is evil , Jews can’t be trusted with your private data.

  40. timur97star says:

    Gs2 is better

  41. VanillaG1525 says:

    Galaxy nexus sucks!!!! Gs2 all day everyday!

  42. Gwegqwet says:



  43. ilovethewar1945 says:

    this is wrong … videos in iphone 4s are smoother than galaxy s 2 … i tested myself … disliked …

  44. hannah6months09 says:

    Nigga u cheating ….android can never get wit iPhone galaxy probably has more space than iPhone

  45. deathplayer247 says:

    this is a dumb speed test cept for 3rd party apps. bringing up contacts, calender, markets, mail. is that .0001 sec really a big difference.

  46. deathplayer247 says:

    everyone talks about siri, yes its great but how many times in public are u gonna say “where is the cheapest hooker ?” i wanted iphone 4s for processor and market, but now im thinking samsung s2 LTE version, its open and prob easier to get free paid apps/games or viruses :P im not a fanboy, but like others im switching from rim :)

  47. abhinavkumar1996 says:

    Over the past years i have learned that all phones except iphones lag after some time or the other, so for the long run, iphone 4s is a much better choice

  48. TheMANAGEMENT101 says:

    this is guy is totally bias, for the samsung galaxy 2 iphone 4s won a lot that he gave to the samsung galaxy s2. Not saying that they arent great phones, just keep it fair.

  49. ManiacLOL123 says:

    this guy likes the s II u can tell by the way he talks about it, the loading on the internet is not marketing it means that it is using data…. and always loading on safari idiot

  50. chaz4510 says:

    Both great phones. No real difference between them with one or two exceptions, (one of which might swing it for you) so it’s really a case of which design do you prefer and iOS or android. Those things are what you are used too and personal preference.

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